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From the Dreamtime stories of the creation of the indigenous world to today’s communication using mobile digital technology. In this course you will travel & experience Australia & add your voice as a storyteller.
Perth, Australia
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Australians have been telling stories for thousands of years, from the Dreamtime stories of the creation of the indigenous world to today’s communication using mobile digital technology.

These are stories of the land, of nature, of the city and the country, of experiences and ideas, of people and events - great and small.

To understand this place and its people, writers and artists have told stories, using traditions and techniques from a wide range of disciplines. These include forms of fictional and non-fiction writing, photography, cinema and various forms of digital media.

In this course you will travel and experience Australia and add your voice as a storyteller.

The course covers the traditions of Australian storytelling, including Indigenous stories (past and present); Australian literature and cinema; the classic themes that have excited and challenged artists and writers over generations; critical contemporary issues in Australia.

Students will be encouraged to develop their own narrative style and choose an appropriate genre and format to express it. Students who are technically proficient in a particular field (for example screen production, audio production or photography) may wish to create a story in that genre. But you don’t need to be a production specialist to undertake the course. If you can write and upload your experiences and thoughts and feelings, you are telling stories.

The course involves classroom workshops and a 10-day regional tour of north-west Australia with its UNESCO-listed natural coastal wonders and its rugged interior. Along the way students will be required to consider the places, the experiences and the people they encounter.

The region, called the Pilbara is rugged, hot and dusty, yet will mesmerise you with its beauty and splendour. The mountainous outcrops are the oldest on earth and they will impress you with their majesty. The Pilbara also has some of the most hardy fauna and flora and you may come across a shy rock wallaby, the perentie lizard, the grey and the red kangaroo and many other unique animals.

Monkey Mia in Shark Bay is one of the highlights of the field trip, Monkey Mia is World Heritage-listed and is one of only 12 places in the world to have satisfied all that is required for the honour. Here you will see dolphins swimming dolphins close to shore.

Undoubtedly, the highlight of the tour where you will draw inspiration from is Karijini National Park. Hidden amongst Western Australia’s mining towns, this area is untouched and pristine in beauty. So remote, you will truly feel in the middle of nowhere and at the same time feel like staying forever. The gorges, sparkling freshwater pools and landscape will simply take your breath away and have to be seen to be believed.

Includes food, accommodation and tour.

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Murdoch University International Welcome Scholarship

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