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MathMods is a 2-year Joint MSc in Mathematical Modelling in Engineering. As a MathMods student you'll have the great opportunity to spend your postgrad years in 2 or even 3 different European universities. Full scholarships available (up to 47,000 EUR)
Gdansk, Poland
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Full Degree
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Engineering Management, Engineering Management, Engineering Management, Engineering Management, Engineering Management, Engineering Management, Engineering Management

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MathMods is a Joint Master Degree programme in Mathematical Modelling in Engineering run by five European universities based in L'Aquila (Italy), Barcelona (Spain), Vienna(Austria), Hamburg (Germany) and Nice (France) - in a word, The MathMods Consortium. The MSc programme leads to the awarding of a final Joint or Double Master's Degree.

What makes MathMods so special is its peculiar mobility scheme, that is the fact that our students will be spending their graduate years in two or even three different European countries. You'll be indeed studying in central Italy for your first semester, then move to Germany for the second term, and finally move again to 1 of our 5 partners for your second year, based on the mobility path you'll be assigned.

Setting Description:
Students will be spending their postgrad years in 2 or even 3 different EU universities
The tuition fees for the 2-year MathMods Programme amount to a total of EUR 16,000 (EUR 4,000 per semester). Students being awarded a full scholarship won't have to pay for any tuition fee. Reductions (up to 90%!) are also available for students without an EM scholarship.
Please check our website for details
Scholarships Description:
For the 2018 intake the MathMods Consortium offers 21 scholarships (at least) worth up to 47,000 €, which are meant to cover tuition, participation costs, traveling, living etc.

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