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Escape to Kuling, Mt. Lushan’s Forested Mountain Resort

Come study and hike the waterfall trails of Mt. Lu (Lushan), in Jiangxi Provence – a pristine mountain resort that has for centuries been a place of refuge and learning for mystics and poet

Lushan, China
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Study Abroad
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COURSES: and INSTRUCTION: Provided by accredited instructors from Nanjing University, either Credit or Non-Credit options available

  • Mandarin Chinese Language (taught in Chinese)
  • Chinese Language Beginning, Listening & Speaking / Reading & Writing (Chinese)
  • Chinese Language Intermediate, Listening & Speaking/ Reading & Writing (Chinese)
  • Chinese Culture Courses and Lectures (taught in English)
  • Introduction to Chinese Culture
  • Introduction to Chinese History
  • Chinese Painting/Calligraphy
  • Pearl Buck in China


  • Lushan Cultural Tourist Excursions: fee includes excursions to Lions Leap (Five Old Man Peaks), Cave of the Immortals, Thousand Steps Trail, the Kuling American School and Cheefoo School, Yellow Dragon, Black Dragon and Paradise Pools, Three Trees, Three Step Water-Falls, Meilu, the Foreign Villas Museum, Pearl Buck’s House, the Lushan Museum, the Bell of All Religions, the Poetic Forest Art Trail etc. Optional additional tours also available.
  • Optional Outside Travel and Nanjing University Trip: the Institute will offer a several optional journeys from Lushan at the end of the program to Nanjing to see the ancient capital, a visit to NJU before taking the bullet train back to Shanghai and flying home. Custom trip planning will be offered for any individual. Additional fee.
  • Course credit: Will be provided upon passing the course examination.

Escape to Kuling, Mt. Lushan’s Forested Mountain Resort

Come study and hike the waterfall trails of Mt. Lu (Lushan), in Jiangxi Provence – a pristine mountain resort that has for centuries been a place of refuge and learning for mystics and poets, artists and scholars, monks and missionaries. Summers in China are blazing hot , the cities choked and overcrowded. The Lushan Institute provides the perfect natural park setting for students to escape the heat and explore mountain trails and streams, the famous World Forest Art trail, while studying Mandarin Chinese and Chinese culture in historic Lushan.

Lushan stands unique amongst China’s mountains, a blend of Western and Eastern history and architecture, a natural home for the collaborative International Language and Culture Institute run by Nanjing University’s highly regarded International Studies Department.

Low cost under $2000 all inclusive, no extra fees.

TUITION, FOOD, LODGING and LOCAL EXCURSIONS: $1900 US dollars for complete 4-week session includes meals and excursions.

LODGING: Fully furnished dormitory double occupancy rooms are available at the Institute in a new building recently constructed by Lushan Government. The lodging cost for 4-week period for two students per room is included in the tuition fee. Single dorm rooms are also available for an additional fee. More information will be available upon registration. FOOD: Two meals per day will be provided at the Institute, the price is included in tuition.

TRAVEL: To Lushan: The best International airport arrival location is Shanghai, Pudong (PVG) or Beijing (PEK) Students should plan to transfer to Nanchang (KHN – many flights) or Jiujiang (JIU – few flights) on Fri July 1st, 2011.

Travel assistance is available, just email your request. Students will be met by a Lushan van and driven up the mountain road. Lushan is a walking city with a new electric bus system; it’s easy to get around. VISA: Students should have a valid student or tourist visa – when you apply, visa support services and information about the visa application process will be available on the NJU website.

INSURANCE: Students should arrange for their own Travelers and Medical Insurance, and assure their medical coverage is in effect in China. Sites such as www Squaremouth dot com offer international travel insurance, the Lushan Institute recommends you acquire complete coverage.

AGE of STUDENTS: 18 and older, including interested adults of any age. No transcript or other requirements.

Setting Description:

Mount Lu (simplified Chinese: ??; traditional Chinese: ??; pinyin:

Lúshan, Gan: Lu-san) is a mountain in the People's Republic of China, situated south of the city of Jiujiang in Jiangxi Province, near Lake Poyang. Its highest point is the Dahanyang Peak (1,474m above sea level). The mountain is a prominent tourist attraction, especially domestically.

  • Hui-yuan founded Pure Land Buddhism here on the northwest slope in 402. Also, the Donglin Temple is located here.
  • Lushan National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site (cultural)[1], and Lushan Quaternary Glaciation National Geopark[2] is a member of UNESCO Global Geoparks Network.
  • The Lushan Botanical Gardens features tens of thousands of plant species.
  • Below the Five Old Men Peak is the White Deer Grotto Academy, named after the poet Li Bo (Chinese: ??; ) (not to be confused with the famous poet Li Bai), who raised white deer there. It is one of the oldest institutes of higher learning in a