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The Spring School thereby relates to the broader debates on the future of Europe, international power transitions and recent academic accounts analysing institutional change in national and international contexts. Sessions are held in English.
Munich, Germany
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Study Abroad
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Spring Break, Spring Semester

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It has become common ground that we are currently living in a time of epochal change. Politics has become more unstable, unforeseeable and erratic in national, European and international contexts. In a nutshell, politics has become turbulent.

The Spring School addresses today's turbulent times and power shifts asking what turbulence is, what drives it and how national, European and international politics react to it. Sessions will be held by established scholars who analyse turbulent politics and power shifts from the perspective of history, international relations, comparative political science, communication science and sociology.

Topics include:

Turbulence in national contexts (rise of populism; migration and party competition; institutions and networks in autocracies).

Turbulence in the European context (Brexit; Eurozone and migration crises; constitutional (dis-)equilibrium).

Turbulence in the international context (emerging powers Brazil, India, China; power shifts in the United Nations).

540 EUR.

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