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Study in the heart of Japan, Tokyo,
Tokyo, Japan
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Study Abroad
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High School

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Japan Summer Programs for High School Students

This junior Japan Summer program is open to high school or middle students age 14-18, it operates as a summer camp type of setting with a broad spectrum of culture, trips and activities and homestay with our warm hearted host families. The key feature of this program (camp) is homestay to allow students to immerse in the local language and culture, and interact with local people.  The trips and culture lessons are to complement the language classes to make a fun and enriching experience.

The Youth Immersion program (Tokyo E) is designed for those students who want to focus on language learning along with intense culture experiences.  Students spend full day on language and culture classes, and  involve lots of time to with local families to experience the local culture, the host families in this group are very committe and willing to spend much time to share the local culture with our students.  Group trips are also included during week days. It has beginner and intermediate Japanese level classes.  The program provides supervision to all students, and all stay with their host families.

The Culture Discovery Programs (tokyo A, B & C) are designed for students with independence who wants a mix of language learning, culture experience, trips and free time to explore the city themselves.  This stream has option of homestay and dormitory, please note that the dormitory in Japan is different from North America, it is provided by third party companies. This program is a mixed age group with college age students, thus students are expected to be independent.

Japan Summer Programs with Homestay or Dormitory

The Japan summer programs for students over 18 year old feature a theme of culture discovery integrated with language learning. The Japanese language classes will be taught in a combination of Japanese and English, which a focus on the spoken in the lower levels, while higher levels have a better balance of reading, writing, speaking and listening. Prior knowledge in Japanese in not required, although many students do. The culture classes and excursions provide students with opportunities to experience the Japanese arts and culture in Tokyo and surrounding areas. The homestay experience allows you to experience the real Japan, while dormitories is provided to those students who wants to living in a group setting.

Features of Japan summer programs:

  • Studying in the heart of Japan, Tokyo,
  • A variety of language classes to fit your level,
  • Different housing options: homestay, dormitories and apartments,
  • Full program of activities and excursions,
  • Enriched program with affordable fees.

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