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Candidate Profile You are damn good at research and you know it. You are smart, you learn quickly, and you can find the answer to any question. You have perfect English, great communication skills, and you read and process information fast. Dealing with i
Malay, Philippines
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Intern Abroad
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Fall Semester
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Sciences & Environment

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Department: Data Detectives - Hunting for Companies involved in Controversial Businesses such as weapons, nuclear power and rainforest deforestation Want to make a difference? Want to Change the World? Want to live in a Tropical Island Paradise? We need Interns! Perfect Written English Required Please refer this to friends and colleagues! Starting in mid July we are offering a five month research internship on the tropical paradise of Boracay Island. Working with our great team, you'll be doing work that changes the world and making a difference. There are six positions available. You get to live in the team's luxury apartment with all your food, accommodations, internet and other expenses will be covered, including a daily stipend. Best yet, you're on one of the most beautiful islands in the world. This is one of the coolest internships available. You will work four days a week finding and researching all "evil" companies in the world through the internet, creating lists of all companies involved in controversial businesses like making landmines, distributing pornography, operating nuclear power plants, etc., and work one day a week on charitable, social and environmental projects on the island to make Boracay clean, green and sustainable. Your responsible investment research will help institutional investors like banks, pension funds, sovereign funds, charities and others avoid investing in unethical companies that violate their morals, ethics, and standards of decent behavior. You will be part of The Boracay Green Team and will be working with global responsible research organizations like RepRisk, Responsible Research and CRD Analytics, as well as community organizations like the Red Cross, Boracay Chamber of Commerce, the BFI and the municipality. We start July 17th. This is the ideal position for a bright, motivated, and talented recent graduate who loves the idea of working hard while living in paradise and changing the world. We want the best, so don’t even think of applying unless you’re talented, highly capable, and willing to work hard. Successful graduates from the internship will receive permanent employment. The Work Itself Here at Just Screening, Inc. (website launch in July) we do one thing and we do it perfectly: negative screening. We find companies involved in “bad” or controversial businesses such as abortion, weapons, or animal testing, and provide investors with "do not buy" lists of the companies involved in such controversial activities. Your mission will be to find and summarize the involvement of every company in the world participating in these controversial businesses. In short, you are a Data Detective. You will hunt for information, sniffing out potential leads, using web crawlers, data mining tools, keyword identifiers, news aggregators, government databases, and lots and lots of advanced Google searches. You will have the pleasure of finding out the dirty secrets of big companies: for example, how Robert Murdoch’s Fox News empire is involved in pornography and gambling, how Starbucks is involved in alcohol, and how major banks profit from landmines, cluster bombs, and other indiscriminate weapons. This job is not easy and requires strong problem solvers who can intuitively track down information that’s difficult to find. As you can imagine, most companies don’t advertise their chemical weapons or abortion drugs on the front of their website. Our research is a Premium product, used by investors with millions of dollars of assets under management, so it is essential that the quality of our product is perfect. For your charitable and sustainability work on the island, you will have the option to lead and work on the issues you are most interested in. Over the course of the internship, you and your peers will have over 1,200 hours to dedicate to creating and executing programs that will benefit this island. We'll connect you with all the major actors on the island. You get to listen to their problems, consider how you can help, then create and execute your own plans, all while being coached by our management team.

Candidate Profile You are damn good at research and you know it. You are smart, you learn quickly, and you can find the answer to any question. You have perfect English, great communication skills, and you read and process information fast. Dealing with information and data are easy for you. You will have all of the following characteristics: You have perfect written English. You are very reliable. You are proactive and take initiative all the time. You love solving problems. You have a proven track record of excellence. Perhaps you won a marathon, were the president of your student council, or built a business at sixteen, but somehow you’ve consistently demonstrated excellence. You are obsessive about attention to detail. You are a fast reader who understands new information easily, likely reading often for pleasure. You have a strong analytical ability and are able to apply logic to solve problems. You are able to live in Boracay for at least six months, if not permanently, and feel that you can be productive and happy living a beach-based lifestyle. You have financial support to cover your travel and entertainment. You can manage yourself. You never need someone to look over your shoulder. You get things done, without being asked. You have completed a university degree from a highly reputable institution, preferably a foreign university, University of the Philippines, De La Salle University, Ateneo de Manila University, University of Santo Tomas, or the Asian Institute of Management. You never need to be asked twice. You can handle pressure and tight deadlines, accepting these even on an internship. Most importantly, you want to change the world. Preferably you’ve got a track record of doing so. Did we mention perfect written English is required? Helpful Strengths You have a Master's degree from a highly reputable school. You understand business issues, finance, investments, corporate transactions and capital markets. You are interested in sustainability, business ethics, environmental, social and governance issues. You can read and write fluently in a non-English language. You are good at working with teams, especially virtually. Your Benefits Working in Boracay, a tropical island paradise Coming to work in flip flops and shorts for six months Doing research that changes the world Giving back to the community, running your own charitable and environmental projects Staying on the leading edge of the growing Socially Responsible Investing field Working with international clients Flexible working hours You get to work for the best company in the world at what we do An awesome adventure Compensation Your compensation is not financial, but an amazing experience doing world changing work while living in a paradise. We provide you with a luxury apartment and all the basics instead, covering all the bills, providing strong internet connections, and providing a great Filipino cook to prepare you three square meals a day. To sweeten the deal, we will also provide you with a Php 100/day stipend and a Php 2k starting bonus to help with transportation. You'll also be eligible for overtime pay of P125/hour on certain projects. Four days a week of game changing internet research. One day a week preserving and improving a fragile paradise island. What better way to spend six months than to work in paradise while changing the world? Successful graduates from the internship will be offered permanent employment with stellar compensation and a job that will enable them to work from their laptop anywhere in the world.

Setting Description:
Living in Boracay Boracay is the #1 tourist destination in the Philippines and its 4km white sand beach is often considered one of the ten best beaches in the world. Plenty of information is available online about the island. Application Process This internship starts July 3rd and will run until Deceber 21st. Do not delay in submitting your application as we'll begin reviewing applications as well as interviewing immediately. Your application is your best opportunity to prove you are a good fit for this job. Please provide us with: Your resume. Make it look good. Two samples of your best business writing. Quality is preferred to length. These samples should demonstrate your ability to write articulately for western bankers and investors. A cover letter of 500-1250 words explaining why you are the ideal candidate for this internship based on the description above. Convince us you are the best person applying for this job. Interviews will be conducted in Boracay or via Skype vi

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