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Gap years at FUA-AUF go beyond the idea of taking a year off to do something new. A gap year can serve as a link, bridge, or transition, whether you are seeking new pathways for the future or wish to develop a current interest into a viable next step.
Florence, Italy
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Study Abroad
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Gap Year
Academic Year, Fall Semester, Rolling Starts, Summer, Winter Semester, Year Round

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Gap Year at FUA-AUF

FUA-AUF gap years are open to individuals of diverse ages and backgrounds. The gap year portfolio features flexible options tailored according to program objectives as described below. 

Bridge Year for high school graduates 

  • For recent high school graduates who wish to spend a bridge year abroad before transitioning to college. 
  • Experiences can feature courses for credit (US transcripts available), service-oriented involvement, or a combination of both.
  • A unique opportunity to get ahead with Gen Ed requirements transferrable to 2/4-year degree programs.
  • See sample courses in our academic session schedules.

Gap Year for college students 

  • Suitable for individuals whose current college majors and tracks could benefit from the challenge of new cultural contexts through a year abroad.
  • A chance for individuals seeking academic change to design an exploratory period for discovering new study or personal interests.
  • An opportunity to engage in an extended internship or experiential learning placement as a career viability builder backed by global exposure.
  • See sample courses in our academic session schedules.

Career Break Year for adult learners 

  • Targeted disciplines from diverse career fields can be taken in concentrated formats of 1 or 2 years featuring blended theory and community practice. 
  • Open to individuals preparing themselves as first-time job seekers, those seeking career breaks for new professional opportunities.
  • Also open to recent high school grads or college students looking for a targeted, career-based curriculum that can be transferred to a university degree. 
  • Available fields include fashion, food & wine, interactive digital media, and hospitality. 

Service Year through the Palazzi Foundation

Palazzi, the non-profit foundation that supports the experiential learning methodology at FUA-AUF, features service-based gap year option. These non-credit options take place entirely at the CEMI Community Engagement Member Institutions gathered under Palazzi. CEMI projects generate cultural exposure for the local community in Florence and all activities raise scholarships for future students.

  • Learn and Serve non-credit format based on volunteer involvement.
  • Credits available through the Special Project: Experiential Learning in the Local Community format. 
  • Diverse entities available for placement through the CEMI entities of Palazzi. 
  • Participants benefit from direct community contributions and engagement throughout the duration of the program. 

Placement areas:

Property management, business, art, food, fashion, hospitality, ICT, publishing, PR, photography, visual communication, int’l ed, spa management, fitness. 

Please note:

US credit available for all of the above gap year programs through FUA-AUF’s US School of Record.

Gap year options can be taken as a full academic year (2 semesters) or as single semesters. 



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