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Always Expect More Europe-China Strategic Alliance is the only European organisation offering a combination of academic and internship experience in China with the possibility of ECTS credits transfer.
Shanghai, China
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Study Abroad
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Get Ahead of Your Competition Six weeks in the financial centre of China. Relevant coursework at Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. A career-making internship experience. The only programme of its kind. China drives world business and finance. As the world's fastest-growing major economy, the largest exporter and the second largest importer, all roads lead to the Middle Kingdom. Today’s business leaders understand the value of an immersive experience in an important nation. The 2012 Business in China Summer Programme will develop your academic, cultural, linguistic and economic relationship with the rising superpower. Your summer will be unique - yours is the only European summer programme in China experience combining an academic an internship experience.

Always Expect More Europe-China Strategic Alliance is the only European organisation offering a combination of academic and internship experience in China with the possibility of ECTS credits transfer.

Familiarity with China: We believe that faced with the growing importance of China in both global economics and politics, European students have very limited resources to truly become familiar with this country. Few universities have established effective cooperation with universities in China; even when such programmes are in place criteria for participation can be very vague and participation might require a time commitment of an entire semester. Moreover, these programmes tend not to be business specific and do not offer an internship experience. In addition, students are left to themselves to deal with the new environment of a very unique culture and a difficult language. Unique ECSA Experience for Europeans: The ECSA experience is different; through academics at the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics and a full-time internship, we will make sure that you learn as much as possible about business in China. We will also provide comprehensive orientation sessions throughout the programme and will be there for you 24/7 if you need help. We understand the perspective of European students and we can guarantee that you will enjoy the programme. Most importantly, our programme in collaboration with the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics takes place during the summer and therefore does not conflict with your university enrollment. Unmatched Strategic Alliance: Through your successful application to the Business in China Summer Programme, you will become a member of the Europe-China Strategic Alliance. As a member, your summer in China will afford you a wealth of academic knowledge, an unmatched internship experience and a diverse network of international contacts. The value of your ECSA membership does not end with the completion of the programme. Even after your summer programme, your ECSA membership will allow you to: Gain support of a broad network of business professionals in Europe and China including both alumni and future participants of ECSA Have access to alumni events Receive exclusive information about job openings and educational opportunities.
Setting Description:
Your intensive six-week experience has four unique components: The Summer Programme Orientation is designed to help you transition into life in Shanghai. Your initial orientation will introduce you to the resources of the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (SUFE), help you explore the greater Shanghai area and learn the basics of Mandarin Chinese. There will be additional workshops held before you begin your internship and before your departure from the program. At the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (SUFE), you will be immersed in an intensive two-week introduction to business in China. Taught by respected SUFE Professors Dr. Shenyu Li (???) nd Dr. Hong Yu (??), Marketing Strategies in China and Management of Enterprises in China will provide you with the necessary context to excel at your internship. The rigorous courses will be equal to a semester’s worth of studies at SUFE; therefore ECTS credits will be granted. During your full time, one month Internship
Programme Tuition € 2,800 Housing € 600 Insurance € 100 TOTAL: € 3,500 Early Application: € 3,200 For applicants who will submit their online application before April 15th 2012 ECSA will offer an early application reduction of € 300. The total cost of the programme will therefore be reduced to € 3,200.