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Our pre-med shadowing internships are customized placements that gives a real life exposure of what it means to be a doctor, which is critically important for someone contemplating a medical career.
Arusha, Tanzania, United Republic of; Nairobi, Kenya
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Study Abroad
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High School
Fall Semester, Rolling Starts, Spring Break, Spring Semester, Summer, Winter Semester

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The Pre-Medical Shadowing internship that we offer is best for students undertaking their undergraduate studies or have just finished pre-medical training. This opportunity is great for premed students who are wondering where they can gain first-hand medical shadowing experience in preparation for application to medical school.

Students on this program will be shadowing for a minimum of 25 hours a week and thus gain insight and get to know the responsibilities of a medical Doctor are. With us you will be will exposed to a new healthcare system and hence become aware of disease that are prevalent in the developing countries health systems.
Besides shadowing, the Pre Medical Internship allows for students to assist in providing preventive health education, You will be work in local communities and interact with the local culture and hence develop an understanding to what different cultures have.

* Interns must be pre-med or medical students.
* Volunteers must be medical professionals.
* This program is tailor-made for students who are planning to join medical school or college.

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Pre-Med settings
Please visit the Elective Africa website for pricing. USD. Please visit the Elective Africa website for pricing.

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1. Be at least 18 years old 2. Complete an application on the Elective Africa website. 3. Provide evidence of enrollment in a university program usually a signed letter from your institution showing that you are a bona fide student in good standing. 4.Pay the reservation deposit.

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