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Our premed program targets students with a serious and documented interest in healthcare in general and medicine in particular. The program integrates various learning components such as group discussion sessions, time spent in hospitals shadowing doct
Arusha, Tanzania, United Republic of; Mombasa, Kenya; Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, United Republic of; Kisumu, Kenya
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Study Abroad
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Year Round

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Getting admissions into a good medical school has been a challenge to many as the focus is not only on good grades but also the ability to holistically fit into the healthcare community. That is why Elective Abroad prides itself of the best premed program in Africa, one which is built by experience- rich Healthcare practitioners and focused on inculcating an early service spirit to aspiring medical students even as they get exposed to various cases which they otherwise wouldn’t interact with in their own countries. The fundamental requirement is a demonstrated interest in the medical profession and focus in joining medical school. We take into account the diverse set-up from every part of the world and by extension, the academic requirements for admission into this program will be dependent on which country you are coming from. With a bit of theoretical exposure, the Elective Abroad program is designed to give you a real life exposure, which remains a critical component of your requirement as an aspiring medical professional. With a majority of our past participants joining medical school, we have witnessed a number of them coming back to do their medical electives with our program. It is therefore a clear statement that whoever is keen about being part of the medical profession; whether a pre-medical student or a non-traditional applicant, our program will greatly improve your medical school application and indeed inculcate a clear understanding of your future career. Medical schools are keen at applicants who have a rational view and exposure of what medicine entails. The Elective Abroad Premed program is designed to enhance this exposure. The acute shortage of healthcare personnel in the sub-Saharan region, coupled with inadequate resources then leads to a greater appreciation of the premeds as they then complement the overstretched personnel in these hospitals. Contrary to the systems in the developed countries and healthcare systems where the premeds are limited to manual and non-clinical tasks; our program is designed to give you more than just wheeling patients around the hospital. Regardless of whether you are looking at joining Medical college in Ireland, Australia, Norway, Uk, US, or any other country, our program will be a great asset towards your preparation and will indeed add much value in the personal statement section of your American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS) or Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) application, or whichever application process in your respective country. The Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) stipulates that for admission to US medical schools, “applicants should consider volunteering at a local hospital or clinic to gain practical experience in the health professions” this stipulation cuts across medical institutions world over and so is our program designed with its provision.

Our premed program targets students with a serious and documented interest in healthcare in general and medicine in particular. The program integrates various learning components such as group discussion sessions, time spent in hospitals shadowing doctors and observing procedures, and time volunteering in community projects. The program is unique because it introduces various clinical skills and allows participants to observe procedures in a way that is rarely available to premeds. Shadowing doctors and nurses, participants will be introduced to skills such as history taking, general and systemic examination, case presentation, participate in daily ward rounds, basic procedures such as intravenous cannulation, phlebotomy, catheterization, nasogastric tube insertion, central venous line insertion, etc. Participants will also observe minor and major surgeries. In addition to hospital volunteering, participants also participate in several community projects. The program is well structured, supervised, and is delivered by qualified doctors and nurses. Participants are evaluated at the end of the program and those who have met program requirements receive a certificate of completion. We Page 2 of 7 also complete required forms and documentation for any students seeking college credit. Key highlights of the program ? Early and close exposure to medicine for those considering it as a profession ? Volunteer and community service in selected projects ? A unique way to demonstrate seriousness of intent in a medical school application – several of our past participants have proceeded to join medical school and we have offered application recommendations ? Opportunity to see healthcare in a different setting ? Cultural exchange and appreciation of other cultures, including a Safari to the famous Masai Mara and Tengeru National Parks, a visit to a Masai village Program schedule Timing Activities Day 1 & 2 ? Arrival: Picked up at the airport by our representative and taken to student residence – accommodation is basic, shared rooms, but comfortable ? Residence orientation, including introduction to staff that will be taking care of you during your stay ? Local orientation on surroundings - where to shop, groceries, access internet, transportation, communication, etc ? Basic Swahili lessons ? Program rules and regulations ? Welcome beach and BBQ Day 3 ? Program content introduction ? Keynote speaker ? Overview and discussion of healthcare system in Page 3 of 7 Kenya ? Introduction to your program professional mentors ? Introductions to basics such as using stethoscope for those needing introduction ? Introduction visit to the hospital and meeting staff you will be working with Next two & half weeks (days 4 through 21) ? Shadowing doctors and nurses ? Participating in ward rounds ? Observing a range of bedside procedures such as phlebotomy, insertion of intravenous cannullae, dressing and stitching of laceration, clerkship at casualty, etc ? Observing surgical procedures such as abscess drainage, caesarian section, appendectomy, ganglion excision, amputations, laparatomies, palmer abscess drainage, manual vacuum aspirations, bilateral tubal ligations, etc ? Time may be split between community health centres (for basic procedures) and more advanced facilities such as district or provincial hospitals (for complicated procedures) 2 day community service projects ? Participate in select community service projects over a dedicated one or two day period, but projects are always on-going and participants can participate during their free time* 4 day trip ? Trip to the Masai Mara, including a stop to a Masai Village* Last 2 days ? Debrief sessions, evaluation, and review. Departure BBQ Day 30 ? Departure ? Picked up at the student resident by one of our representatives and taken to your departure point

Setting Description:
Coast Provincial General Hospital Coast Provincial General Hospital is known as one of the largest hospitals along the coast of Kenya. This hospital serves as one of the main stationary locations for addressing patients with major diseases and complications. The hospital is categorized as a level 5 facility mandated to handle major cases, which need immediate attention. Abroad students, who venture to this location, have a keen ability to work well under pressure. Many of the local district hospitals transfer their unresolved medical diagnosis to Coast Provincial General Hospital. Students electing to work within this hospital will enlighten them living the life in a resort city area and its pitfalls. Many patients entering the hospital have high levels of drug abuse, prostitution and high rates of sexual disease cases. This hospital is so fast paced that it is not known for being a teaching hospital. Candidates come into this hospital ready to hit the ground running. Coast Pr
$2,500 per month