Program Details

Travel to 5 European countries and 6 cities on your semester break with EESA. Combine academic classes with sightseeing.
Budapest, Hungary; Prague, Czech Republic; Kiev, Ukraine; L'Viv, Ukraine; Krakow, Poland; Vienna, Austria
Program Type:
Study Abroad
Degree Level:
Spring Break

Program Overview

Program Description:

Choose the best way to spend your semester break with EESA! All of us know that travelling is inspiring, but travelling with a good company is better in times!

Every semester EESA’s students travel to 5 European countries on their semester break and these two weeks are remarkable! EESA suggests an unique opportunity to combine sightseeing and excursions with an academic progress!

We offer to choose an academic session in each city we travel to. Notice, every meeting is up to student’s interests, so you can be sure you will like it!

Our itinerary includes such destinations as Ukraine (Kyiv, Lviv), Poland (Krakow), Czech Republic (Prague), Austria (Vienna), and Hungary (Budapest). The program is made to impress you as much as possible! Every city is very different from each other and those contrasts are so attractive.

The dates of the field trip are flexible and you can choose the most appropriate option for you!

Are you ready to lose your heart in Eastern Europe? Apply!