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Our Bahamas Marine Biology program for middle schoolers is a hands-on introduction to marine biology on the island of Andros in the beautiful Bahamas. Snorkel on the thriving reefs, witness bioluminescence, and learn from marine biologists!
Nassau, Bahamas
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Study Abroad
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High School

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How do fish sleep? What do jellyfish eat? What is coral? How does it form into reefs? Where does sand come from? Join us this summer to explore the mysteries of the marine world in the turquoise waters of the Bahamas. We stay on the island of Andros, the perfect place to discover the magic of the underwater world! During your visit you will witness bioluminescence on a nighttime snorkel, learn about wood carving and basket weaving, explore the entire marine ecosystem up close through snorkeling and boat excursions and even get experience a blue hole!


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Arrive on San Salvador and check out your new home for the next two weeks, the Gerace Marine Research Center. Once a United States Navy base, Gerace's facilities still show evidence from the Cold War era with abandoned radar stations, cryptography rooms, radio towers and guard shacks. Close to the Center there are lagoons filled with ancient stromatolites, mangrove channels, Ice Age fossil beds, gorgeous beaches and vast seagrass beds just waiting to be explored. Just steps from the beach, our home is a perfect place from which to explore the ocean world. Grab your snorkeling gear and head to the beach for a glimpse beneath the surface. Colorful varieties of corals and countless fish greet you as you enter the water. During the first few days you begin learning to identify the reef fish, corals and invertebrates as you snorkel on the patch reefs near Sandy Point and in the mangrove estuary at Pigeon Creek.

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