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At Maynooth University you’ll be taking courses alongside Irish students and other international peers.The BCA course and other courses in peace and conflict studies offer meaningful opportunities to study themes of social justice and change.
Dublin, Ireland
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Study Abroad
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Academic Year, Fall Semester, Spring Semester

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  • Examine how people manage conflict and gain an understanding of how conflict affects society in BCA’s required Peace and Studies Conflict course; you’ll study the Irish conflict known as The Troubles through lectures and dialogue with policy makers connected to the Edward M. Kennedy Institute for Conflict Intervention at Maynooth University. 
  • Dedicate yourself to understanding Ireland from a local’s perspective and sign up for Maynooth University’s buddy program to ensure that you befriend and get the perspective of Irish students!
  • Break free of the traditional, touristy study abroad locations by living in Maynooth, Ireland, a quaint community known as the only college town in Ireland. Then push yourself to step into Dublin, which is only a short train or bus ride away.

With the help of your BCA Dublin resident director, get to know the local highlights of Maynooth, find the best ways to get around and quickly gain the confidence to strike out on your own and visit Dublin and other parts of Ireland. You’ll also travel with your RD outside of Maynooth to learn more about Irish history and culture. On the BCA signature excursion you will travel as a group to Belfast, Northern Ireland, to see the famous murals, speak with locals about the ongoing Irish peace process and reflect on the importance of peace and conflict skills for resolving disputes both large and small.

At Maynooth University, you’ll be taking courses alongside Irish students and other international peers. The university offers courses in a wide variety of disciplines making it a perfect location to take courses toward your major or general education requirements. Interested students can also explore their roots or simply make the most of their time in Ireland by completing the Irish Cultural Heritage Certificate which offers an interdisciplinary evaluation of early Irish cultural history. The BCA course and other courses in peace and conflict studies offer meaningful opportunities to study themes of social justice and change.

Maynooth University is regularly identified as Ireland’s friendliest campus in national and international polls. The university has more than 100 clubs and societies including sports, political parties, arts, comedy, music, dance, drama and history. The international student society arranges social evenings and weekends away throughout the year. Additionally, you’ll share housing with other international students, so you’ll quickly meet people from around the world! During the semester you will be close to all the Irish music, classical literature, lively pubs and famous theatres of Dublin.

Setting Description:
Dublin is the capital of Ireland and it’s known as one of the most fast-paced, youthful cities in Europe. Whether it’s Irish music, classical literature, lively pubs or famous theaters, Dublin has something for everyone. You can visit dozens of art galleries and museums, and enjoy the vibrant, cultural scene that makes Dublin a beautiful place to live and visit. Dublin is a UNESCO City of Literature — famous writers and playwrights have left their mark on Dublin, including William Butler Yeats, Seamus Heaney, Oscar Wilde and more. Many famous actors also got their start in Dublin, including Colin Farrell and Gabriel Byrne. Just beyond the western edge of the city of Dublin is Maynooth, a small, historic town with a population of only 8,500 people. Serving as a university town, Maynooth is a traditional Irish village that remains full of character, culture and education.

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GPA: 3.0
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BCA Study Abroad has committed to increasing the number of study abroad students from diverse ethnic, faith, sexual orientation & gender identity and socio-economic backgrounds. Visit the BCA website for more information about scholarships.

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