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In Siam University it is possible to study a BBA or MBA degree in a very affordable price. Study abroad in Bangkok at one of Thailand’s best private universities!
Bangkok, Thailand
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Full Degree
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Hospitality Management

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Study in one of Thailand's top private universities and enjoy the life in the metropolis of Bangkok! The goal of the study abroad program is to deepen students' knowledge on international business and markets with a special focus on Asia. The study abroad program is suitable for you who wish to experience an unforgettable semester in one of Asia's most exciting destinations. There's 30 courses available each semester so you will surely find something suitable to fit your degree back home. Students earn up to 20 US credits or 30 ECTS for a study abroad semester. Students are very welcome to take part in a whole academic year if they so wish. Pursuing a BBA or MBA degree is also possible.

Bangkok is one of the biggest business hubs in Asia. This makes it a perfect destination for exchange students. Many students who participated in the study abroad program found afterwards internships in Bangkok. Experience all of this together with your friends!

Knowledge on Asia is important when looking for a job in today's globalized world. Students will gain knowledge on this exciting region that is gaining importance economically, politically and culturally. Enjoy luxury lifestyle with very affordable costs. Experience your chances and apply today!

Setting Description:
Tropical climate, a thrilling environment, luxury lifestyle with still affordable prices, traveling, diverse cultures and quality teaching make a study abroad semester in Bangkok a truly unique experience.
3500 USD. The price for the BBA degree is about 11,200 USD (10/2018) depending on your course choices. Keep in mind that living expenses in Asia are lower than in North-America. You might be eligible for government grants even if you don’t go to a university in your home country.

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