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Take daily art workshops in Granada, Spain. Participate in city tours to explore the functional representations of art in the city’s historic neighborhoods. Check out the edgy graffiti found around the city and demonstrative of modern art trends.
Granada, Spain; Malaga, Spain
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Study Abroad
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High School

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Art permeates the city of Granada, Spain. Here many cultures converged over the centuries and left their artistic imprint on the city. Take daily art workshops exploring the various art forms that were influenced in particular by the Jewish, Moorish, and Christian cultures. Workshops explore plaster, tile work, marquetry, and stained glass. Travel to the nearby city of Malaga, home to Pablo Picasso and his namesake museum, and a burgeoning European art center. The program includes cultural activities to complement the learning experience and allow participants to engage more deeply into the life and culture of Granada, Spain. Weekend excursions are included to area highlights to travel and enjoy the natural beauty surrounding this gem of a city. And, of course, tour the Alhambra, the former palace of the Moorish sultans! Rich in ancient artistry.

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The program is located in Granada, Spain located in the region known as Andalusia, a place rich in Spanish culture and traditions. Granada is a student-friendly city with many historic neighborhoods representative of its deep history. It is home to the Albaicin, the best preserved Moorish district in all of Europe.
2995 USD. Includes tuition for all art workshops and classes. Art materials provided for.

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- Meet the age requirement of the program of choice. For most programs, the minimum age is 14 years old at the start of the program. Some programs may require a minimum age of 15. - Individuals 18 years of age may participate in the programs as long as they are in high school or have recently graduated. - Meet the physical fitness levels that some programs (Active Discovery & Wellness) have attached to them.

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