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Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation Team is pleased to announce that the recruitment process for our Winter/Spring 2017Internship projects has just begun. Students and recent graduates are invited to join our research efforts in the Aegean

Pythagoreion, Greece
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Intern Abroad
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Spring Break, Spring Semester, Winter Semester
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Animal Sciences, Arts & Architecture, Computer Science, Education, Engineering, Law, Nursing, Sciences & Environment

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Seagrasses are unique aquatic flowering plant endemic to the Mediterranean, instrumental in providing habitats and nursery grounds to a diverse array of species in the area. They are found in shallow coastal areas on sandy and muddy bottoms where they form vast meadows, living fully immersed in sea water. There are around 60-70 species; four are indigenous to the Mediterranean.  Although the seagrasses areimperative to ecosystem health, they are highly susceptible to environmental changes, making their monitoring crucial.

Posidonia oceanica is an aquatic flowering plant endemic to the Mediterranean, instrumental in providing habitats and nursery grounds to a diverse array of species in the area. Although the seagrass is imperative to ecosystem health, conservation efforts have not mirrored this: Posidonia oceanica’s status is only listed as of “least concern” in the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, and population destruction through illegal seafloor trawling and boat anchoring continue to threaten P. oceanica today. In order to lobby for increased species protection and avoid further population damage, the extent of these effects needs to be researched more thoroughly, particularly in the eastern Mediterranean where P. oceanica has not been exhaustively studied.

Previous studies have surveyed populations of Posidonia in locations on the islands of Samos and Lipsi to determine the extent of anthropogenic effects on the seagrass, but more studies need to be completed in additional locations in order to increase points of comparison and develop our overall understanding of Posidonia health. This project proposes to extend the study site to other islands and annual comparison around Samos, where trawling scars will be detected through sonar surveys.

Results from this project will be compiled to show the distribution and extent of the seagrass., including possible projects on illegal seafloor trawling and anchoring marks in Posidonia populations offshore of Greek islands. 

The work of Archipelagos; Institute of Marine Conservation, is built upon a strong and enthusiastic team of volunteer researchers and young scientists. We are therefore seeking applicants that are motivated and have a strong desire to protect and conserve the natural environment. You must be conscientious and highly motivated, able to work both individually and as part of a dynamic, multi-cultural team of people from around the world. You will be working on a variety of projects related to your placement type and so must have good time management skills, with the ability to meet deadlines, along with excellent organizational and self-management skills. Candidates must have good knowledge of ArcGIS or equivalent software, a good eye for detail and have a high standard of work presentation. An in-depth knowledge and understanding of the English language and grammar system, being able to speak, read and write confidently is crucial. Further essential requirements include computer proficiency in Microsoft Office Programs. Previous experience relating to your placement is preferable, but not required 

*As a non-profit organization Archipelagos cannot cover the living and working cost of the interns. Therefore, all interns will need to cover the monthly placement fees of 650 euros. This covers accommodation, full board, use of equipment, use of the research boats, transport for working purposes, Greek language lessons etc. Travelling costs are NOT included in this price and are covered by the participant.

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