If you want to embark on a unique adventure this summer, you’ve come to the right place. United Arab Emirates Study Abroad programs in summer invite you to explore a dynamic country while earning academic credits. The combination is one that cannot be beat.

United Arab Emirates Study Abroad Programs

United Arab Emirates provides a feast for the eyes. Abu Dhabi and Dubai’s breathtaking mosques, mind-boggling skyscrapers, and camel-laden beaches (yes, you read that right) are just some of the many dishes on the table. Others include excursions through gorgeous and expansive deserts, dhow trips (“traditional boat” trips) alongside city-sights, and walking tours through neighborhoods and museums. The country offers a delicious blend of the old and new; the natural and human-made; and the peaceful and stimulating. It offers a multi-faceted experience for a unique person: you!

Best of all, you can enjoy all that United Arab Emirates has to offer as you attend “summer-school.” You earn academic credit, expand your mind, enhance your resume, and enjoy a fantastic adventure. You can make new friends, connect with locals, and submerse yourself in Middle Eastern culture. You can get to know a new corner of the world, develop your global awareness, and continue your studies. All in one short summer!

To learn more about United Arab Emirates programs in summer, explore your options here. All you have to do to begin the adventure of a lifetime is take the first step.

Fun Fact: Camels have a third clear eyelid that protects their eyes from sand!