Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Program Type:
Study Abroad
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Program Overview

Program Description:
The American University in Dubai (AUD) is the first American-accredited University in the Gulf. It serves both United Arab Emirates' nationals and international students who a seek world-class career-oriented education. The University fosters a learning mode which is collaborative, enhancing the student's ability to work in teams. AUD's degree programs are supported by appropriate technology and facilities. AUD runs two summer sessions. Students may choose to attend either or both summer sessions.

UAlbany's partnership with AUD allows our students to have full access to the curriculum offers by the University. All classes are taught in English. AUD offers courses in Business, Accounting, Engineering, Information Technology, Visual Communication, Interior Design, Liberal Arts, Middle-Eastern Studies, Arabic Language, Literature and various other areas. You can choose to take any courses that are offered by the University as long as you meet the prerequisites. Please note that the course options in during summer sessions are limited.

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Setting Description:
Apart from academics, students can become involved in university life by joining one or more of AUD's student clubs and organizations, playing an intercollegiate, intramural, or club sport, signing up for the Student Government Organization, and /or applying for one of AUD's student leadership programs.
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