Study abroad in Germany and get your Fine Arts Degree

Study Fine Art in GermanyAre you interested in a fine arts degree, or do you want to study art abroad at some of the oldest schools in Germany? Consider study abroad in Germany and get your Fine Arts degree. Today Germany and top cities like Berlin offer some of the most international and culturally diverse studies available in Europe. One of the most English friendly countries in all of Europe, school in Germany can be an amazing experience when you’re ready to take the leap. Offering German history as far as the eye can see, don’t expect to spend your free time doing anything less than perhaps traveling through some of the most awe inspiring red-roofed towns exploring well-known stops like the Black Forest, the Berlin Wall or the endless list of beautifully preserved castles. Rest assured, to study art in Germany could be akin to studying the country itself, where buildings three to four hundred years old are commonplace, and having a beer with new friends is as regular as having coffee with breakfast.  

How to study in Germany : Did you know?

  • With a US passport, going to college in Germany to study fine art can be considerably easier than many other places.
  • German children start learning English in Elementary school and might enjoy many of our TV shows like ‘Friends’ and ‘The Simpsons’, so relax and rest assured that many people you encounter may speak very good English and enjoy practicing your language as much as they enjoy practicing German with you, “verstehst du das?”. 
  • Central to almost all of Europe, Germany tends to be both very efficient and affordable when it comes to travel. Some German Airlines offer amazing weekend deals on flights to stops like Rome, Paris and Prague, or perhaps you’ve always loved trains? Germany is also home to one of the most efficient and expansive rail systems in the World, with routine stops by rail in almost every single town and extensions to every country in the EU thanks to their border-free travel “Schengen” Agreement. Or perhaps you want to take a discounted overnight sleeper-car to somewhere farther, here the travel options could be endless with special programs like the Eurorail Pass, and when you can’t get a train the bus system is also just as impressive and even offers student bus-pass discounts almost everywhere!


Study Fine Art Abroad

Study Fine Art in Germany ProgramsDo you wish to study abroad in Germany and get your Fine Arts degree?

We can help. With the active state of exchange amongst US and German universities there are currently a number of programs focusing on many different areas of focus and concentration that may suit almost anyone’s desire, and with many museums and historical links in cities like Berlin, Munich, and Stuttgart and traces of early Germanic tribes you’ll never be too far away from art in Germany.