A Study Medicine Abroad in England takes you to the birthplace or Sir Thomas Percival and Samuel Sharp, both of whom are known for their contributions to the history of medicine[i] as well as of Sir Isaac Newton, a highly influential figure in the history of science.[ii] If you come from an English-speaking country, one of the potential benefits to studying Medicine and Pre Medicine in England is that you don’t have to learn a foreign language; accents and customs, culture and food may be different but this might be a welcome change for you.

Why Study Medicine Abroad in England?

If combining travel and immersion in a new culture is important to you, a Study Abroad in England Medicine and Premed program is worth considering. Typically, a student on the pre-med track may need to Such courses are generally focused in the scientific fields of biology, chemistry, organic chemistry, neuroscience and physics[iii]. Choosing to study abroad in England may be a great way to offset the rigors of your program; take the London Underground, visit Stonehenge, or have some local fish and chips with classmates. There are a variety of sponsored listings to look through in popular cities in England such as Oxford, Cambridge, and London.

FUN FACT: In the UK, if someone wants to offer you a cup of tea, they may say “cuppa”[iv]

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