Winter Study Abroad in Costa Rica

Winter Study Abroad in Costa Rica during the winter semester might be a great way to have an international adventure without compromising your carefully planned academic schedule at home. Since winter semester programs typically take place between fall and spring semesters, you may not have to worry about cramming a study abroad experience into your busy academic schedule. Just think, you could potentially tap into the adventures of a study abroad experience without missing a day of class. And don’t forget – Costa Rica is tropical! That means no snow and a whole bunch of sun! Talk about a winter break, right?

Ready to escape the cold this winter? Keep reading to see what a potential study abroad in Costa Rica program could entail!

Living and Learning When You Study Abroad in Costa Rica, Winter Semester

By studying abroad in Costa Rica during your winter semester, you could potentially take part in programs to flesh out skills and knowledge you’re currently developing in your home institution. This might be a great way to gain a new perspective to your concentration – or even get ahead in your education! For example, if you’re a Spanish student, you might have never had the chance to use your Spanish in a native environment before. Imagine being able to test your skills and knowledge anywhere you go in the country! A textbook might not be able to give you that experience. Or, if you’re interested in conservation, you may be able take a look at real-life conservation efforts. It helps that Costa Rica is one of the most biologically diverse countries in the world! You might have plenty of opportunities to see rare species and the measures put in place to protect their wellbeing.

It’s important to note that these additional academic experiences may focus on a unique Costa Rican perspective of your concentration. You could study Costa Rican history, politics, culture and more. Other students in your field may not have had a similar opportunity to expand their education, so be sure to list it on your professional résumé to potentially help jumpstart your career!

But how could you go about fitting this experience into your academic schedule? Winter semesters are often conveniently short programs slipped in between your home university’s fall and spring semesters. The benefits of this could potentially be two-fold. First off, you might not have to spend a semester away from your normal academics to squeeze in a study abroad program because you’re away while classes are not in session. As a bonus? Costa Rica maintains is warm temperature year-round – your winter break could be downright tropical! As a second potential benefit, this might be a great option for students who are concerned about the lengthy timeframe study abroad programs usually have. Other programs may last up to a full semester, which could be daunting for first time travelers. Since the winter semester is often shorter, this might be a great way ease yourself into international travel! A week-long program may be right in your comfort zone.

Wintering in Costa Rica

There’s so much to see and during Winter Study Abroad in Costa Rica. Whereas other study abroad programs might be bogged down with inches (or feet!) of snow, Costa Rica remains the relatively same temperature year-round due to its location near the equator. Which makes anytime perfect to go outdoors and explore Costa Rica’s natural wonders! Whether it’s ziplining, wildlife treks, hiking, kayaking, or camping, you could have your choice of UNESCO world sites to explore! For instance, you could visit Guanacaste, better known as the Gold Coast. The white sand beaches might not only provide a glimpse of native wildlife, but may include visits to historical sites like the 1856 Battle of Santa Rosa. Or, you could just bring your beach towel and soak up some sun! Relaxation, nature, and history – oh my! Many other natural sites dot the country, like the Manuel Antonio National Park south of San José, Corcovado National Park on the southern coast of Costa Rica, and Arenal Volcano located near the city of Fortuna. Why not enjoy the outdoors while the weather is warm?

Winter Study Abroad in Costa Rica also means you could spend New Year’s in Costa Rica! While the day itself is welcomed in with fireworks like many other countries, there are other unique traditions that shouldn’t be overlooked! For example, at midnight, you’re supposed to eat 12 grapes for good luck in the new year. Another tradition that may seem odd to foreigners is walking around with your suitcase all night! This is supposed to ensure good luck in your future travel – not a bad thing to have during your study abroad program!

Next Steps to Study in Costa Rica Winter Semester

Ready to escape the cold and head off to Winter Study Abroad in Costa Rica? Before you board the plane, it might be a good idea to find a perfect program for you! Continue further down this page for a list of potential programs. To read a brief description about a program or request more information, click the associated link. Good luck!