Full Degree Abroad in Costa Rica Programs and OpportunitiesFor those seeking a unique education that is a departure from a typical degree program at home, perhaps a Degree Abroad in Costa Rica program is the perfect choice for you. Earning a full degree in Costa Rica is unlike a typical study abroad program. Instead of fitting the best parts of a country into one small semester, students can immerse themselves in a country and culture unlike their own and have hopefully time to discover all Costa Rica has to offer.

Why Pursue a Degree Abroad in Costa Rica?

As previously mentioned, students who pursue a full degree in Costa Rica have their entire degree program and perhaps beyond to experience and enjoy what the country has to offer. Also there could be more flexibility in which classes you choose and specific path you’d like to take while earning your degree as opposed the selected few classes a student could take in a typical study abroad program. If you are still unsure, here are some other facets that you may want to consider in whether or not to choose a full degree program in Costa Rica.

The Switzerland of Central America

Costa Rica is often referred to as the Switzerland of Central America.[i] The country abolished its military in 1948 and has not gone to war ever since. Instead of an active military, Costa Rican focuses on improving the quality of life of its citizens and social programs. Students who are seeking a degree in social work, political science or history might greatly appreciate a study abroad program in Costa Rica.

An Animal Lover’s Paradise

Costa Rica is home to many animals as well as world renowned animal sanctuaries and state parks. For those seeking to gain practical experience volunteering helping animals native to the region, be sure to look for a volunteer program in Costa Rica. Some might even offer Spanish immersion courses within a volunteer program.

Sustainable Living

One of the many initiatives Costa Rica has focused on in recent years has been sustainable tourism. In fact, they are a certified sustainable tourist spot![ii] That means that not only are their only programs that are impactful, fun or educational, but also the government takes great strides not to impact the environment negatively. Those seeking an education in sustainability, science, engineering or biology might be inspired by the conscious living that Costa Ricans enjoy.

Learn a Unique Spanish Dialect

Like many Central and South American countries, Costa Rica’s primary language spoken is a regional Spanish dialect. Although Spanish might not be the only language you could hear. An antiquated version of English, compliments of the Quaker community, indigenous peoples’ language and even creole are just some of the languages spoken throughout Costa Rica.[iii] But if learning Spanish piques your interest but maybe not enough to make it your college major, look into immersive language courses offered in Costa Rica. Some programs may teach Spanish alongside your regular course load.

The Adventure of a Lifetime Awaits

Pursuing a Degree Abroad in Costa Rica can be a big decision, but for the adventurous students who want more out of their college experience may be impressed with living in Costa Rica. Is this you? Before you grab your passport and go, check out specific degree programs that fit your interests and possible career goals. Select a city and specialty within the drop down menus to examine degree programs that may be tailored to your needs. Best of luck on your search!

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