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The programme explores how economy impacts nations with varying ideological orientations, diversity and economic problems
Colon, Costa Rica
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Full Degree
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Economic Development

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The Master of Arts Degree Programme in Responsible Management and Sustainable Economic Development (RMSED) aims at emphasizing the economic and management perspectives of peace and conflict studies while focusing on the concepts of sustainability and responsibility as applied to economic disciplines. The programme focuses on the complexities of today's global challenges, such as the impacts of globalization, financial crises, complex political emergencies, and climate change on developing economies and, more specifically, war-torn societies. Successful candidates for this programme have typically obtained high qualifications in an accredited bachelor's degree programme in the social sciences (economics, businesses, politics and related disciplines). They also possess some field experiences in related disciplines, preferably in developing countries. English proficiency is a must and Spanish knowledge is an asset, as it would facilitate readings of local materials and full participation in field trips in the region. The motivational statement of an accepted applicant will reflect their willingness to become responsible and sustainable managers in their future carriers. Programme courses: The 40 credits programme takes place over two course semesters, between August of one year and May of the following year, followed by a 2-3 months internship or independent study project, for a total duration of 11 months. The programme begins with a foundations course, given in August, which is shared with all the other programmes taught on campus. The first semester starts in mid-September with a course on the principles of sustainability, followed by research methods, and economic development and responsible management. All these courses will give an introduction to concepts, theories, and practical examples from the disciplines of economi

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