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Human Security 1. Specialization in Public Health and Society 2.
Colon, Costa Rica
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Full Degree
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Human Development

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Human Security
     1. Specialization in Public Health and Society
     2. Specialization in Urban Challenges and Peace

Human Security is a recognized as a useful paradigm for studying global issues.  Under this approach it is the individual human being and her/his relationship to the surrounding society which is the focus of attention, rather than societal units such as nation-states, ethnic or cultural groups.  Use of the Human Security paradigm helps the student to see beyond national and ethnic differences, and to understand the common problems which all human beings face as individuals and as family units.  UPEACE is introducing this approach in a new MA program this year, with two optional specializations for student focus:

1.  Specialization in Public Health and Society.  ("Human Security; Health and Society")  Modern societies increasingly face issues of health, disability and aging which affect all individuals, and yet are still misunderstood or relegated to secondary status.  In the developed world all societies are aging, and all are seeking to integrate persons who have disabilities or health problems with social implication.  In the developing world the child mortality rate, as well as general access to health care, is unacceptable, while many diseases which are preventable or curable are rampant.  IN all socities, special health problems such as HIV/AIDS can be dealt with more effectively with better information and availability of modern approaches.  This MA Specialization permits the student to understand these issues and to prepare for a career in public health organizations, international organizations and NGOs which deal with them.

2.  Specialization in Urban Challenges and Peace.  ("Hum

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