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An Internship is the best way to strengthen your knowledge on your field of study and gain job experience !
Buenos Aires, Argentina
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Full Degree
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Graduate Certificate
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An Internship is the best way to strengthen your knowledge on your field of study and gain job experience in career fields outside the classroom. Besides, upon graduation, students with pre-professional intern experience have greater opportunities to find a job easily. Either choosing among the jobs we have available or asking as to look for a specific job that matches your interests you will get the best placement match according to your requirements, expertise and aptitude. Work in different private companies and public or non-governmental organizations as you improve your Español. Experience the Latin American and Spanish work environment from the inside! There’s a lot to be done. The Southern Cone and Spain offer great opportunities for you to reach your professional potential! Choose your internship destination! Argentina: Buenos Aires, Cordoba Chile: Santiago de Chile Costa Rica : Heredia , San Jose Guatemala : Antigua Spain : Barcelona Internship Program Details This experience gives you the possibility to gain work experience by doing an internship in a foreign country. Our cooperation with distinguished partners and companies enables us to offer this program which covers all relevant types of university careers. internship placements available in various professional areas including marketing, business, human resources, architecture, fashion design, law, medicine and more. Besides, you will practice and improve your Spanish as you spend an unforgettable time. Internships are non paid and available in South America and Spain. Length of each placement varies depending on the host company. As long as you complete a minimum time then the length of the placement can be determined by you. What´s included? Welcome package Intercultural workshop,including a welcome lunch/snack Escort of the Participant on his or her first day of work to the organization, depending on location Internship placement Social & cultural activities Internship certificate 24 hrs emergency phone Local mentor Internship Types: Standard Internships: For the Standard Internships Program you can make a selection from the online list of areas and sub-areas according to your academic needs and your professional profile. For a Standard Internship you apply for an existing Internship position within our Host Organizations. Customized Internships: For the Customized Internships Program,we look for a position that fits your needs and expectations. You define the field in which you would like to intern, the activities you want to perform, or the project you need to develop, and the placement process will get started according to your defined parameters. For the Customized Internship we carry out a personalized search according to your requirements. Non-Paid Internships These Internships are especially designed for those Participants that are looking for hands-on work experience in the real world aligned to their academic studies. The Non-Paid Internships are structured on the Participants’ objectives and what they’d like to achieve out of the program. The main goal is for the Participant to achieve their objectives. Non-Paid Internships are available for both Standard and Customized modalities. Paid Internships A Paid Internship is the perfect option for those Participants who want to get a valuable experience into the working world and earn some extra cash. It's a job in the Participant’s chosen field that offers a training in his/her field and a cash incentive. The pocket money is usually less than the one the Participant would make if he/she worked in a standard job, but it's enough to live on.

Additional Program Information

Council on Occupational Education
Requirements: Age: 18 - 35 University student or graduated Correlation between your studies and/or work experience and the field of work you request for your Internship Profile: flexible, responsible, adaptable to other cultures, lifestyles and conceptions of work Commitment to the Host Organization, its rules and tasks Respect start and end dates of the program according on your nationality and legal requirements of the entry country Level of Spanish: intermediate + Accident, illness and third party liability insurance coverage Fulfill with all legal and formal requirements for your Internship*
International Requirements:
* Latin American students applying for Internships in Spain must have a valid EU passport