Canada may offer strong and structured business programs for students seeking a full degree but there is so much more to experience in the northern country. In addition to the potential academic benefits, the True North provides a beautiful, rolling backdrop – rich in the native flora and fauna that their flag proudly displays. Venturing outside the classroom offers unique experiences like exploring the rich cities of the providences, or getting lost in the dense forest hiking trails. Studying business administration and management in Canada may be a thrilling way to earn a full degree while living in a country at the forefront of culture.

Why Consider Studying Business Administration and Management in Canada?

Business degree programs appear to be flourishing in Canada – making it a popular concentration for international students to enroll in. Canada may offer the opportunity to participate in one of the world’s great economies; Canada is now engaging with developing markets and experiencing a time of economic growth, giving students a glimpse into business developments in a real-world classroom.

One Lake, Two Lake

If you’re looking for a weekend trip to escape the rigors of coursework, visiting one of Canada’s lakefronts might be a welcome break. With over a million lakes speckling the countryside, students have their choice of local getaway or cross-country escape. The lake district, in particular, is a great spot to take a break with a group of fellow international students. Of course, you could bring your books and make this the perfect study getaway.

DID YOU KNOW? While Canada might be well-known for its distinctive maple leaf, beavers are another official national symbol.

A Lap Around the Rink

When you think about sports and Canada, one thing probably comes to mind. That’s right – hockey! With several teams spread throughout the country, catching a local team on the ice could be very easy for students. Hockey not your thing? A rugby match might be a good choice for those seeking something similar to American football. Or stay at the rink and watch a curling competition: a game that slides stones down the ice to earn points.

Have Another Bite

Though it may seem a little odd to international students, poutine is a favorite Canadian snack. Thick French fries are covered in cheese curds and gravy, making an ooey-gooey treat that’s perfect for sharing – or devouring by yourself. Chat with your new peers and locals to find out their favorite hidden poutine spot. Each providence may have a variation, which is a great excuse to travel. If you’re looking for something a little sweeter, grab a bottle of grade-A maple syrup. It’s great on things like waffles, ice cream, or in candy.

Side-Splitting Laughs

Unknown to some people, many famous comedians are born and bred Canadians. The likes of Jim Carrey, Dan Aykroyd, and Mike Myers originated in Canada before striking it big in the United States. When looking for your next classroom escape, check out local and regional comedy clubs – you never know when you’ll run into the next Hollywood sensation!

Find a Full Degree in Business Administration & Management Program in Canada

Canada is a country moving forward in the business world, which may make it an ideal place for students to learn and grow. In addition to a business program, students may gain access to a cultural experience that makes the True North so much more than just “the country above the United States”. Whether inside the classroom, or venturing out into the wilderness, students earning a full degree in business administration and management in Canada could leave with more than just a diploma – but with memories for years to come. Browse the listings below to start your search. Or click “Learn More” for additional information and to contact the program directly.