Pop Quiz: What's the only country in the world that receives more international students than the United States?

Pop Answer: jolly ol' England.

This is the country that gave birth to William Shakespeare, Charles Dickens and Jane Austen; to Elton John, Amy Winehouse and the band Coldplay. This country has some serious street cred. Study Abroad in England

And, like a stand out on British Idol - which subsequently spawned American Idol - England's got range. You can study business in metropolitan London, study literature at Shakespeare's birthplace at Stratford-Upon-Avon or study history in 1,000-year-old Roman baths at the aptly named Bath.

In fact, no matter where you go in England, you're bound to run into something educational. And more often than not, that something just happens to also be both fascinating and fun.

Get a Stellar Education

History majors have Stonehenge and Westminster Abbey. Art students have the Tate Modern and National Gallery. Literature fans have...well, is there any other country in the world with as storied a literature past than England? The point is, England has something for every student. And not just something like, 'Oh yeah, I guess that'd be cool to see.' Something like, if you don't study abroad in England, you won't have gotten the full college experience. England can provide you an educational growth spurt that's the equivalent of transforming a jockey into Shaquille O'Neal. You truly will be changed forever, that can be all but guaranteed.

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