Colleagues in Catalonia

From freshman year to trotting through Europe my first summer of college, I took the less conventional route of summer school to study with CEA in Barcelona. I wanted to make the most of my time abroad so I decided to take two courses, International Business and International Marketing abroad, two courses that counted for Junior year marketing elective credits at the University of Arizona before I became a Sophomore.

Best Spring Spots in Seville

The best part of traveling to new countries is experiencing different cultures and ways of life. Fortunately that means trying new incredible food and deliciousness. Any world traveler will tell you that no two cities are the same in terms of the local cuisine. Many people know that Spain is famous for their Iberian ham and rice dishes, but there’s much more to that glorious country.

Granada, With Love


Picking up and leaving home for 3 months seemed a lot easier before I had to start packing and get on the plane. Eventually I would be landing in a foreign country alone, uncomfortable with the language and waiting for someone to pick me up and take me to my house for the next few months.

Learning Paris


There is SO Much More


When I first decided to study abroad, I had no idea that I would absorb so much from the experience. Getting involved with CEA has helped me with my résumé, communication skills, and my passion for travel.