Munich, Germany; London, United Kingdom; Paris, France; Innsbruck, Austria; Florence, Italy
Program Type:
Study Abroad
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Program Overview

Program Description:
The overall purpose of this seminar is to provide participants an opportunity to be exposed to the international business environment and practices outside the United States. In addition, this seminar provides participants an opportunity to develop insights into the cultural, social, and political environments of each country.

For satisfactory participation in the seminar, participants will be enrolled for the summer 2014 term and will receive three semester hours of undergraduate or graduate credit in one of the following NIU courses. Course taken while participating on a seminar cannot be audited. Undergraduate Credit: MKTG 490--Current Topics in Marketing INTL 301--Study Abroad Programs Graduate Credit: MKTG 660--Marketing Seminar IDSP 401--Study Abroad Programs

Participation in an International Business Seminar is a unique way for individuals who are interested in pursuing a career in international business, or a related field, to acquire a firsthand view of international business practices, and experience the excitement of traveling outside the United States.
Setting Description:
The International Business Seminar #1 will take place in the following countries: Munich, Germany Innsbruck, Austria Florence, Rome Italy Remis, Paris, France London, United Kingdom