Five Unique Study Abroad Locations

This article outlines 5 unique study abroad locations including Cuba, Costa Rica, Brazil, Cambodia, and Ghana.

Featured Destination: Ireland

Studying abroad in Ireland provides a wide variety of opportunities. Known for its undulating green hillsides, tranquil atmosphere, warm hospitality and ever-flowing conversation, Ireland is frequently seen as a source of artistic inspiration (Oscar Wilde, C.S. Lewis, and James Joyce were born here) and top destination for students looking to explore and study within the traditional and modern culture of Ireland.

Travel Documents for Study Abroad

There are a variety of documents that need to be prepared before you leave for your study abroad trip! In this article, Lauren explains the different types of documents needed and how to obtain them.

Packing for a Study Abroad Program: Frequently Asked Questions

Check out two interviews with study abroad students who dish on what to pack and what to leave behind when studying abroad. 

Student Travel Resources

Planning the travel aspect of studying abroad can be a bit complicated. With planes, trains and buses to choose from, and a lot of good (and bad) booking websites out there, this article is designed to give students a starting point for planning their journey. It includes links to good websites as well as tips and recommendations.

Leaving Home for Study Abroad

There's a roller coaster of emotions one feels before, during, and after studying abroad! In this article, Lauren describes how she felt before leaving for her study abroad trip to Australia.

Attending University in Australia

Explore everything you need to know about Australia's tertiary education system

Earning a PhD in Australia

Earning a PhD requires mental, financial, and often times physical (long nights or researching and writing without sleep, anyone?) investments. In order to make the numerous sacrifices worth it, graduate students must carefully consider where to earn their PhDs and in what.

Saying Goodbye and Keeping in Touch Video

It always seems like as soon as you begin to get comfortable living abroad, it is time for your program to end and for you to go back home. It may be hard to say goodbye to study abroad, but Shannon has some great tips for making your last moments special - and for staying in touch once you're home.

The UK Education System

Thinking about attending university in the UK? Read this article to learn more about the UK education system and what you can expect when studying in the UK.