Study Abroad in Ireland

Known for its undulating green hillsides, tranquil atmosphere, warm hospitality and ever-flowing conversation, Ireland is frequently seen as a source of artistic inspiration (Oscar Wilde, C.S. Lewis, and James Joyce were born here) and top destination for students looking to explore and study within the traditional and modern culture of Ireland.

Composed of four provinces (Leinster, Munster, Connacht, Ulster) and 32 counties, the island of Ireland has a population of over four million people, ensuring that wherever you find yourself on the island, it will never be overcrowded. Dublin, Ireland’s capital, has a vibrant cultural scene made up of excellent pubs playing live music and distributing endless amounts of Guinness. Dublin is a very popular tourist destination and is one of the most visited capitals in all of Europe. The unique, elegant storefronts and architecture give the city of Dublin a certain mystique charming each and every passerby. Other cities in Ireland are Cork, known for its great food and pubs, and Galway, famous for its festivals and location on the Bay

Follow the scenic coastline up towards the foggy rural countryside, where green landscapes rule and each new, strange face will greet you with a warm, pleasant smile. It is common for travelers to be approached by locals offering advice and help to foreign visitors. Many will find the countryside of Ireland inducing within themselves a sense of serenity and peace, the sort of inner calm that comes when one’s surroundings are quiet, expansive, and lusciously green. The countryside of Ireland upholds an unhurried pace of life, giving way towards a leisurely exploration of the astonishing terrain.

Ireland observes mild, perpetually rainy weather. A much discussed topic over in Ireland, weather tends to be not too hot, not too cold, and a bit unpredictable. Ireland’s climate is influenced by the Atlantic Ocean, so the country tends not to have extreme temperatures. So what clothing should you bring? Be adaptable. Be sure to pack your suitcase to cater to the unpredictable nature of Irish weather.

If you ever find yourself in Ireland, be sure to take in the all the various beautiful landscapes, architectures, and places. From the 16th century Dunguaire Castle to the 400 feet Cliffs of Moher, around the winding Irish roads and back to the charming city of Dublin, Ireland and its friendly people are sure to delight and impress any student wanting to study abroad.