Internships in Barcelona | Intern Abroad in Barcelona, Spain ProgramsAre you looking for a unique and valuable internship opportunity abroad? Do you want to practice your language skills while gaining valuable professional experience? Do you want a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the day to day life in a new culture while earning great resume experience? If so, an intern abroad in Barcelona program may be a great choice for you. Internships abroad may offer you the opportunity not only to gain practical experience in your field, but also to work alongside people of all different backgrounds, to understand how the workplace may operate in different settings, cultures and countries, all while offering you valuable international experience on a personal level.

Why Intern Abroad in Barcelona?

So you’ve decided to intern abroad. But why Barcelona? Barcelona has been highly ranked as one of the best cities for business in Spain and Europe, making it an attractive option for gaining experience in a variety of fields. Barcelona may offer great opportunities in the areas of textiles or fashion, architecture, tourism, as well as pharmaceuticals, publishing, and technology. No matter what your preferred field, there may be great opportunities available in Barcelona.

Barcelona’s economy has also been rated to be one of the more powerful in Europe, with the result that the city is not only a great option for work but also for daily life, with a vibrant local culture and community. That means that in addition to professional experience, you may have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the history and culture of one of the oldest cities in Europe. With its convenient location on the Mediterranean, Barcelona may also be a great location from which to travel and explore other locations and cultures when not working at your internship.