Russia extends from Eastern Europe across the northern edge of Asia to the North Pacific Ocean. It’s the largest country in the world and borders numerous countries, many of which contribute to Russia’s eclectic, patch-worked culture. Add to the country’s unique collection of cultural influences a history steeped in social, political, and economic intrigue, and you’ve got a fascinating country to enjoy and explore. Considering internships in Russia may be your chance to travel to the great white north and gain a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you'll never forget.

Why Consider Internships in Russia?

Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia’s economy has evolved significantly. It moved from a centrally-planned economy towards a more market-based system, and much of Russia’s industry is now privatized.[i]However, its economy and culture still haven’t shaken remnants of a communist, socialist, and revolutionary past. This makes the country an interesting place to live, work, and study.

Given its unique economic, governmental, and social background, Russia is a great place to gain experience in the fields of business, international business, political science, and economics. It’s also a great place to gain experience in engineering, architecture, and energy. Internships in Russia in any of these or other interesting areas could provide an insightful and career-enhancing experience.

What is Wonderful about Russia?

There are many things, of course, but here are a few great things about Russia:

  1. Russia has stunning and unique architecture. The country’s bright, colorful, and boisterous buildings reflect a diversity of beloved styles.  
  2. Russia is incredibly diverse. You can explore countless expressions of European and Asian influences within the borders of one great country.
  3. Russia embraces the arts. Music, dance, cinema, sports, literature, philosophy, and the visual arts are all treasured components of Russia’s personality.

What is the Benefit of an Intern Abroad Program in Russia?

Intern abroad programs offer a host of benefits! Here are three:

  1. Interning abroad may help you develop your international communication skills. In today’s global economy and diverse workplace, knowing how to communicate with people of various social, cultural, and economic backgrounds may prove imperative.
  2. Interning abroad may help you develop a global perspective. Most fields interact with people, businesses, or organizations from other countries at some point in their process. Knowing and understanding how international relationships work—or even knowing that international relationships take place—demonstrates a unique awareness of the expansiveness of fields and influences of global players.
  3. Interning abroad may help you develop vital skills that could enhance your resume and interviewing acumen. Many students emerge from intern-abroad experiences prepared to manage challenges and face adversity in the workplace with presence, patience, creativity, and perseverance.

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