An Internship Abroad in Rome brings you to the cosmopolitan and culturally rich capital city of Italy. As a global city, Rome is not only popular with tourists, it is also a vital center of business and high technology. At the same time, with such ancient history and architecture, Rome is also a World Heritage site.[i] International internships offer you the chance to strengthen your professional skills, learn to communicate across cultural borders and enrich your academic years; with all that Rome has to offer, it is really worth reviewing internship programs in Rome to find the right match!

Why Consider an Internship Abroad in Rome?

An Internship Abroad in Rome offers you the combination of earning valuable academic credit, exploration and work experience in your field. With today’s interconnected media and economy, gaining the global experience of interning in a foreign country is bound to make you stand out. Why not intern abroad in Rome, a city where famous artists, painters, sculptors and architects created masterpieces throughout and you can fill yourself with culture at the same time?

FUN FACT: Do you want to say “masterpiece” in Italian? Say ‘capolavaro’ (web)[ii]

When in Rome

Interning Abroad in Rome means potentially enhancing your Italian language skills as you develop abilities in your field and immerse yourself in the art, architecture and local flavors of this dynamic city just by living there! Make the most of your experience by:

  • Exploring the country within the city: Vatican City
  • Taking in real opera at the Teatro dell’Opera di Roma
  • Visiting the Trevi Fountain, the largest Baroque fountain in Rome
  • Climbing the Spanish Steps between the Piazza di Spagna and theb Trinita dei Monti
  • Eating gelato

Find Your Groove

An Internship Abroad in Rome is also about deciding what your personal and professional goals are so you can be paired with the right position. Getting to know what Rome is unique for may help you think of your major in a new way. For instance[iii],

  • Rome is the hub of the Italian film industry, although it is not really known for heavy industry (e.g. communications internships, journalism internships)
  • Predominant are IT, aerospace, defense, telecommunication, commercial activities and construction (e.g. International business internships, business administration internships)
  • Rome is a major center for higher education and learning (e.g. International Education, teaching internships)
  • Rome is home to some of the most famous architecture and artworks (e.g. Visual/Performing Arts & Design Internships)
  • Rome is a gastronomical center for high cuisine (e.g. culinary arts internships)

In Italian, Please

Some Internships in Rome may require prior knowledge of Italian, some may require you to take courses while you are there. Think about what your needs are, but most likely, plan to grow linguistically.

Find an Internship Abroad in Rome

An organized way to find an Internship Abroad in Rome program is to browse sponsored listings. Each of these has unique features whether it be that they have 24/7 support, help you with your resume, include some local excursions. Read a few all the way through, and take notes. The right one will feel customized to your needs and comfortable and excited about doing an international internship instead of a local one.  

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