Internships in Dublin, Ireland | Dublin Internship ProgramsThanks to internships in Dublin, “getting to work” doesn’t relegate getting to play. Indeed, internships in Dublin allow for both. Many structured programs converge real-world professional experience with opportunities to participate in another culture and play in another country. Isn’t that great?

Not to mention that:

  • Many internships are customizable.
  • Many internship programs offer academic credit.
  • Many internships offer hands-on learning opportunities in areas relevant to students’ careers.
  • Many internships offer guided tours to historical and cultural destinations.

If you want to pursue your career goals, engage in your interests, and develop your skills, consider internships in Dublin.

Internships in Dublin: the Essentials

Interning in another country can be rewarding academically, professionally, and personally. Besides helping students enhance their academic knowledge and develop their professional acumen, they enable students to enjoy a potentially rewarding adventure. Students who participate in international internships may rise above the competition with a resume that includes professional experience and experience navigating global contexts.

Internship opportunities exist in a number of areas and for a variety of durations. These two features alone could help you find a program that fits your needs and schedule. Other features, such as potentially being able to customize your internship, study language, and participate in field trips and additional travel, may help you piece together your perfect internship.

Some of the areas in which you may find Dublin internships include:  

  • Animal sciences
  • Art and architecture
  • Business
  • Computer science
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Fashion
  • Hospitality
  • Journalism
  • Law
  • Medical
  • Nursing
  • Psychology
  • Religion
  • Sciences and environment
  • Social sciences

Some of the lengths of programs and times of year you might find include:  

  • Academic year
  • Fall semester
  • Winter semester
  • Spring semester
  • Maymester
  • Spring break
  • Summer
  • Year round (for students and professionals outside of traditional academic schedules)

As you can see, you may have lots of options! You can browse through them using our search tool. Use “Select a Term” or “Select a Work Type” to explore what’s available. If you’re not sure what work type or term you prefer for your internship, browse through your collective options on this page.  

What is the Benefit of Interning in Dublin?

Internship programs in Dublin may deliver a host of benefits.  

  1. You may gain real-world experience.
  2. You may work side-by-side with skilled professionals in your field.
  3. You may network and build relationships with people in your field.
  4. You may earn academic credits.
  5. You may build and enhance your resume.
  6. You may have a fantastic international adventure.

Plus, Dublin has an international populace. Interning there could help you learn how to communicate across cultures. Dublin also has buzzing service and industry sectors and a well-developed economy overall. You may find numerous opportunities to develop your professional knowledge and skills. Some growing industries in Dublin include the pharmaceutical, information technology, communication technology, and financial services industries. Microsoft, Google, Amazon, PayPal, Facebook, and Twitter are just some of the popular companies that operate in Dublin. Interning in an environment like this one could be incredibly beneficial.

Out of Your Internship and Into the World

Not to mention that Dublin is a gorgeous city with lots to experience! Through internships in Dublin, you not only get to enhance your career, but also enjoy some of Ireland’s historical and cultural wonders!

  • You could enjoy Dublin’s natural beauty. Visit the National Botanic Gardens and St. Stephen’s Green to experience Ireland’s lush greenery and steadfast dedication to natural beauty.
  • You could peruse Dublin’s social scene. Head to Grafton Street, a pedestrian mall, to shop and people-watch. Try out Temple Bar, a favorite place for gathering and expressing creativity. Or simple wander through Dublin’s brick- and stone-paved streets to find your favorite social haunts.
  • You could explore Dublin’s nearby UNSECO World Heritage Sites and other splendors. Try to see the Cliffs of Moher, Giant’s Causeway, and Cork and Blarney Castle. Visiting these places will also take you into a bit o’ Ireland beyond Dublin.
  • You could take a walking, biking, or night-time bus tour through Dublin. These may be great ways to see treasured literary scenes, take in Dublin’s history, and discover the city’s musical venues. You may also catch a glimpse of Dublin aglow in the depths of night.
  • Visit and tour Dublin Castle. Dublin Castle is one of the city’s oldest castles and demonstrates how castles were once built to provide security and defense. Head here for a cool history lesson. 

Dublin offers these and other incredible sights. Plus, its distinct styles of architecture and culture lace its streets and neighborhoods with beauty, intrigue, and fascination. This could be your background for a fun and expansive internship abroad experience!

I’m Interested in Internships in Dublin! What’s Next?

Now’s a great time to explore your options. Either explore the programs listed on this page or refine your search to find options that fit your criteria. When you find a perfect internship opportunity in Dublin, contact the program directly. It’s that easy! Begin your journey now!