If you’re looking to combine formal academic instruction and practical application in your language education, studying French in Paris could be a perfect program for you. Intensive language programs in Paris could help you develop your skills as part of your day-to-day routine while simultaneously giving you an opportunity to explore the cultural wonders of the international city of Paris.

As you pursue your studies, you may want to think of it in three parts. Combining the three aspects below could help you make your study abroad awesome!

Your Education

Language programs in France could combine in-classroom learning with immersive, practical application outside of allotted course time. The entire city could be your learning space! You could tackle the academic half of your education during the day, then spend the rest of your time putting it to good use! A great practical application could be navigating the sights of Paris (and ordering food when that wears you out).

Remember – Paris is a heavy tourist area. This means that a lot of the local Parisians are accustomed to immediately switching to English if they hear a foreign accent. Be sure to say that you’re looking to practice your French, many may be excited to help you practice.

Your Home

The classroom won’t be your home during your study abroad, you could be living among the heart of France: Paris. The City of Lights is a great city to be staying in – being the capital of the country, it has collected a variety of cultural works. As you explore, you may find museums, theatre productions, and street art are in no short supply. Fashion is also a thriving part of Parisian society. During Fashion Week – an international exhibition from designers – you may want to think about updating your closet.

If you’re looking for a cultural experience that is distinctly Parisian, you might want to consider participating in Bastille Day. It’s a hard holiday to miss! The celebration marking the storming of the Bastille during the French Revolution is often celebrated with a massive parade throughout the city. Take a study break and jump into the festivities!

Intensive Language Programs in Paris​: Your Adventure

There’s no shortage of things to see and do in Paris. If you’re looking to see the iconic sights of the capital city, the Eiffel Tower might be a good place to start. You could take the elevator up to the top, see it shimmering lights at night, or picnic at its base (and bring your books to study!). The Cathédrale de Notre Dame might be another familiar sight. Stop by the cathedral for ornate architecture and French history. Did you know that Napoleon was coronated in Notre Dame?

The taste of the city is also easily obtainable. Walk down to the local market and try to get a fresh baguette hot from the oven. Parisians are known for their crusty baguettes: there’s even an annual competition to find the tastiest in the city! Pair that with bordier butter for an authentic Parisian treat.

Paris is located in the center of France’s sprawling train system – so don’t think you’re stuck in just Paris! Get out and explore France: from the Mediterranean beaches of Nice to picturesque Strasbourg.

Find Language Programs in Paris

Studying French in Paris could be a memorable experience that also leaves you with valuable language skills.  Immersing yourself in the language during your free time – ordering food, asking for directions, reading signs – might be an educational experience with a side of adventure. With this information in mind, browse the links below to find perfect Intensive Language Programs in Paris for you. If one catches your interest, follow through the link to request more information. When you’re ready to apply, do so through the program’s official website.  Good luck as you research French language schools in Paris.