Study Abroad in Tanzania

Have you ever had the desire to migrate with two million wildebeests? I would not recommend it as you would probably be crushed. However, if you have ever desired to WATCH such a migration, then Tanzania is the place to go. Tanzania is home to the 'Great Migration' as well as many other natural wonders such as Mt. Kilimanjaro (the largest mountain that can be climbed by amateurs), the Serengeti National Park, and the island paradises of Zanzibar and the Mafia islands. Students interested in study abroad in Tanzania should look for a program that fits their needs. 

Why Study Abroad in Tanzania

Tanzania is also very rich culturally with the influence of over 120 tribes converging in their music, art and traditions. Listen to Taarab (Swahili sung poetry) as you enjoy some Safari Lager or explore the fragrant spice-islands and shop for the handiwork of a multitude of different indigenous peoples. Whether its culture or adventure, welcome or solitude, people or nature you seek, Tanzania can provide!