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Choosing to study abroad in Greece could offer you a chance to explore a rich, Mediterranean culture while pursuing your academic goals. During your stay, you could continue your studies like you would at home. But, you could examine your favorite topics with a new global perspective. Whether you’re studying STEM subjects or the humanities, Greece may shed new light on how you view your academics.

And while your initial goal may be earning potential college credits, Greece could expand your horizons in many more ways. Studying abroad in Greece is more than just classes. It’s a chance to grow as a person, as well! While there, you could engage with the locals and visit the sites that make Greece one of a kind. Or, you could develop your own professional knowledge to help assist you in a future career.

What Could You Study Abroad in Greece?

Greece may offer many opportunities to not only continue your current studies, but enrich them as well. In fact, the country might present new opportunities to take your lessons out of the books and into the world. Plus, most classes offered by a study abroad in Greece program are taught in English, making your transition that much easier.


Greece is brimming with places for archaeology students to explore. In fact, many of Greece’s tourist attractions may be part of a budding archaeologist’s dreams. As part of studying archaeology in Greece, you could have the chance to visit current digs within the country. Not only could this offer a glimpse of a professional excavation, but you might also get to participate.

Greek Philosophy

Greece’s history is filled with famous philosophers - Plato, Aristotle, and Socrates just to name some of the better-known ones. It’s no wonder then that philosophy is a popular concertation choice for students who study abroad in Greece.

As part of these programs, you could study the birth of philosophical thought in Greece. And, how those beginning concepts affected the growth and development of modern philosophical theory.

Dance & Drama

Just like philosophy, dance and theatrical drama saw many of their early days in Greece. By studying abroad in Greece, you could have the chance to explore the theatrical practices of the ancient Greeks. Time to get comfortable with performing in amphitheaters, speaking as a chorus, and using the term deus ex machina.

Students could also have the chance to see how the arts are thriving in some of Greece’s cities. Taking in some modern drama and dance performances could illustrate how the art has changed since its inception centuries ago.


Oceanography might not be what you think of when you consider studying abroad in Greece. But, the country’s location on the Mediterranean may offer a great opportunity to see some unique aquatic ecosystems.

As part of this study abroad in Greece program, you could have the chance to analyze the qualities of the Mediterranean Sea. This could include testing its chemical compounds and analyzing biological activity. You may even be able to work alongside conservation groups in the area to help protect the areas wildlife.

These are just a sampling of courses you might take while studying abroad in Greece. There may be many more opportuntieis to choose from. Every program is different, so contact them directly to learn more.

Learning Experiences Outside of Your Greece Study Abroad Program

While academics are a huge part of your time studying abroad in Greece, the country has more to offer! Your time abroad could be spent not only developing your academic knowledge, but your cultural and professional expertise as well.

A Unique Language Opportunity

While many Greeks speak English (especially in larger cities), the country's main language is Greek. This may not be a language that is offered at your home university, making it a unique experience. Many study abroad in Greece programs might offer a Greek intensive language course to help catch you up to speed. Doing so could make navigating through the country a little easier. Of course, you could also always pick up some colorful words from the native Greeks you meet on the street!

Professional Experiences

When studying in Greece, you may think that you’re only going to school and traveling. But did you know you mioght be developing professional experience as well? Your time spent traveling throughout Greece could demonstrate some of the following traits to potential future employers.

  • Global Awareness
  • Cultural Empathy
  • Independence
  • Problem Solving Initiative

And, this doesn’t even include the knowledge from classes you could take during your time abroad. Studying a different cultural perspective in your concentration could possibly be a valuable asset. For instance, business concentrations might take an up-close look at how international business is conducted in Greece. Or, English concentrations may focus on a different canon of writers in their classes than they would at home.

Some study abroad programs may even have internship opportunities. Reach out to individual Greece study abroad programs to see if this is an option for you.

Where Could I Study in Greece?

When traveling to Greece, you could have your choice of landscapes. Your studies could include long walks on Mediterranean beaches. Or, strolls through illustrious city centers. Of course, your academic goals should play a part in this decision as well. Some locations may offer many opportunities for continued learning.

Below is more information about a few of the popular choices to help you decide.


When you think about Greece, you probably have an image of Athens in your head. And for good reason. The capital of Greece boasts some of its more famous sites. Specifically, you shouldn’t miss visiting the Acropolis. Originally a temple for the goddess the Athena, these ancient ruins are now a popular attraction situated high above the city.

Prime sight-seeing aside, Athens could also present some learning opportunities for the traveling student. Many Greek companies have their headquarters situated within the capital city. This might be especially interesting for business students who want to study Greek marketing and entrepreneurial tactics. You could visit the HQ as part of a tour. Or, as a planned excursion during your courses.


Not many people know about Greece’s second largest city, Thessaloniki. If you’re looking for the same history and art that you’d find in Athens, but less crowds, this is the place for you. While you’re there, be sure to visit the Galerian Complex. This used to be the palace of Galerius Maximianus, a Caesar during the 4th century.

Thessaloniki also differs from Athens because it is a more academic city. Many colleges and universities call the city home. Because of this, it is largely populated by college and university students. Making friends (or travel buddies) could be a snap.

Study abroad in Greece programs may also be offered in other cities or more rural locations. Browse the programs on this page and reach out directly to learn more about potential locations.

Study in Greece When It’s Convenient for You

Probably one of the largest problems for students who want to study abroad is timing. You might think that traveling abroad means missing important classes. But, Greece offers study abroad programs year-round. That means you could fit an international adventure into your schedule at your convenience.

Many students choose to study abroad in Greece during the fall or spring semesters. Classes in these programs typically mimic those at your home university. They usually meet a few times a week throughout the entire semester.

The longer timeline could mean that you could have more time to explore Greece during your downtime. Not to mention, you might be around to experience a few more Grecian holidays than you would in a shorter program!

Shorter programs are more commonly offered during the summer and winter semesters. Classes in these programs are often condensed and may meet every weekday for several hours at time. These programs are generally two to three weeks long to fit inside a typical break. This timing might make it so you may be able to travel without the threat of missing classes.

Plus, it doesn’t hurt to visit the Mediterranean during the summer or winter. You could hop in the ocean to cool off during those hot summer months. Or, leave the coat at home and enjoy the milder winter.

Of course, if you really enjoy your time in Greece, you could always extend your program to a full year! That way you might be able to fully experience what it’s like to live in Greece.

How to Study Abroad in Greece

Using this information as a guide, you may be ready to start your search for a perfect way to study abroad in Greece. For starters, you could browse the programs on this page. Below are a few potential programs that could be perfect for your semester (or more) abroad. Or, you could narrow down your results further by selecting your preferred city or subject of study from the menu.

Clicking on a link could provide you with more information about the ins and outs of that program. While you’re there, you may also request more info about the program. This could provide you with details like specific deadlines, travel dates, and more. Not to mention, it could also be a great starting point to learn about the cities of Greece.

Good luck as you start your journey to study abroad in Greece! 

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