Are you looking for opportunities to spend your summer exploring a vibrant Latin American culture, diverse geography, and practicing your Spanish skills? If so, a Summer Study Abroad Program in Chile may be an option you want to consider. Located along the western coast of South America, Chile boasts a diverse climate, biodiverse ecosystem, and a wide range of landscapes ranging from the Andes to deserts, rich coastlines, and rainforest. Chile was also home to the Incan civilization, making it a destination for those with interests in anthropology, history and archaeology.

Why Choose a Summer Study Abroad Program In Chile?

Studying abroad in Chile means you might be able to immerse yourself in a vibrant Latin American culture, history, and landscape, placing your education and experiences in a real world international context. Chilean Spanish is relatively unique among South American dialects, allowing you to expand your mastery of the Spanish language through exposure to a unique accent and dialect. English is also widely spoken in Chile, being compulsory for older children in the Chilean education system, making Chile, especially in its major cities, accessible for students who do not speak Spanish.

The majority of Chilean citizens live in urban areas, the largest of which being the capital, Santiago. The Santiago area is home to a number of national monuments and heritage sites, a local music scene that includes two symphony orchestras, as well as resources like museums and libraries. Several colleges and universities are situated in there, making it a great choice for students.