Considering High School in Italy Study Abroad? Can you imagine traveling across the ocean to immerse yourself in a new country? Being exposed to a new culture and language? This and more may be possible if you decide to study abroad at a high school in Italy. And, depending on your interests, there are a wide variety of programs to choose from. Whether you’ve been dying to visit Rome—or you like the idea of studying in the Tuscan countryside—there’s bound to be a location that appeals to you. High school in Italy really is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

Potential benefits of High School in Italy Study Abroad

Beyond the beauty of the country, the history and—of course—the amazing Italian food, why should you choose to study at a high school in Italy? Not only will you have a chance to expand your horizons and make new friends, study abroad experience may even come in handy when you’re ready to apply to college or—eventually—pursue a career. Having the guts to put yourself out there and travel to a new country may show people that you’re confident and open to personal development. And, in addition to building your life experiences, you may also have the opportunity to learn to speak Italian, which is a skill that could potentially come in handy!

Different types of high school in Italy programs

When it comes to high school in Italy, there are a variety of different programs to consider. A good place to start is to decide how long you want to study abroad. Are you interested in a summer, a semester, or a full year? Another thing to consider is what you want to get out of the program. For example, if learning to speak Italian is your goal, then a language immersion program, where you live with a host family, may be a good option. If you want to visit as many areas as possible, a cultural tour program could work for you. Or if you’re interested in what a typical experience at high schools in Italy is like, then you can focus on the specific school or geographic area that interests to you. And remember, some programs may even offer volunteer opportunities in addition to academic ones!

Typical study abroad programs in Italy may focus on subjects like:

  • Food and cooking
  • Film and acting
  • Visual and performing arts
  • Art history
  • General academics

Popular locations and attractions in Italy

This is really where things get fun! Italy offers so many fantastic architectural and cultural landmarks to take in. Think about whether you want to experience the city, the countryside, or the coast. And figure out what’s on your must-see list. To help get you started, here are some popular attractions in Italy.

When in Rome: Explore the incredible history and craftsmanship of the Colosseum, the Pantheon, and the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City.

Found in Florence: Experience the wonder of Michelangelo’s David at the Galleria dell’ Accademia, and see the sights of the Uffizi Gallery and explore the Santa Maria Novella Church.

Make It in Milan: See Da Vinci’s celebrated Last Supper in Santa Maria delle Grazie, marvel at the Duomo Cathedral and the Galleria, and then take in an opera at Teatro alla Scala.

Views in Venice: Relax on a gondola ride down the Grand Canal, enjoy a cafe at Piazza San Marco, and walk through the famous Saint Mark’s Basilica.

Don’t forget about beautiful islands like Sicily, Capri, and Sardinia with their breathtaking beaches, architectural treasures, and seaside locales!

How to prepare to study at a high school in Italy

We’re not going to lie; it does take some preparation to study abroad. But you took the first step by visiting our website. The earlier you start planning, the better! You’ve already started narrowing down what you’re looking for, so do some research and compare things like costs (including food, tuition, and all the activities you want to do) and accommodations to help you make your decision. And then make sure you get your application in on time!

Check out the great study abroad high school in Italy programs below.