If you have always dreamt of living in Paris to study French, a Study Abroad in Paris High School Program has even more than that to offer! Paris is the capital city of France, and home to the most visited art museum in the world – the Louvre.[i] Whether you are in your junior or senior year learning the language and culture of this famous city while you earn potential credits may be an experience of a lifetime.

Why Consider a Study Abroad in Paris High School Program?

A Study Abroad in Paris High School Program may be a great fit if you are looking for a language immersion experience plus! The official language of France is French, but studying abroad in Paris may also expose to you to fashion, the landscape of painters such as Monet, a rich architectural and cultural heritage as well as the home of the café! Choose from an extensive list of programs and select the term that works best into your high school year.

 FUN FACT: Want to order a coffee to go in French? Say ‘un café pour aller’!

[i] en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paris