If you are looking for a cultural adventure, High School Abroad in France Exchange Programs have a lot to offer. If you have ever seen the lavender fields of Provence, the snow-capped French Alps or the Eiffel tower, you are skimming the surface how diverse France is. Whether you are looking for a way to learn French in your junior year or study art in your senior year, there are a variety of programs and cities to choose from that make studying abroad in France an exciting option.

Why Study High School Abroad in France Program?

If you are considering a High School Study Abroad in France Program, you have many options both in terms of program choice and cities to choose from. Whether you are interested in the culinary arts and hope to learn French cooking, or you are drawn to learn the French language in Aix-en-Provence, studying abroad in France is more than just taking classes in a local college. If you stay with a host family it means getting a real immersion into a culture known for its artists, monuments, fashion sense, literature and music.

FUN FACT: Want to say ‘great idea’ in French? Say “bonne idee”