Considering Study Abroad Netherlands Graduate Programs? The Netherlands has much to offer in terms of outdoor activities with the flat landscape making the perfect place for biking and walking, and the many waterways providing for a variety of water sports depending on whether the water is frozen or not. Ice skating is particularly popular, and if an especially cold winter freezes all the canals, the entire nation stops to watch the Elfstedentocht (Elven Cities Race), a 120 mile skating marathon.

There are certain inescapable clichés when describing the Netherlands, bicycles, canals, tulips and windmills probably topping the list. Dutch cities such as Amsterdam demonstrate amazing construction that embraces water with a series of canals. House boats abound.

From Amsterdam to Holland, the Netherlands provides a fascinating look at a culture that is both liberal yet proper, embracing the modern and the traditional.

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Filter by cities to explore Amsterdam Study Abroad Graduate Programs, or discover what Eindhoven, Leeuwarden, Waalwijk, and Wageningen have to offer. Know you want to study abroad in Holland but not sure about the subject? Filter within the Netherlands by Specialty to see if your Study Abroad Netherlands Graduate Programs are available! You may also find that our undergraduate study abroad in the Netherlands programs may suit your need. Find Undergrad Study Abroad Netherlands Programs here. My favorite part of Studying in the Netherlands? Watching people bicycle. The dutch have some serious passion and skills for cycling. They even have special aerodynamics umbrellas that look something like a kite!

Studying Abroad in the Netherlands is an experience of a lifetime. Outside of Amsterdamn? No worries, public transportation in the Netherlands is extensive and easy to use. Most of the Dutch leave a bike at both end of their desitination. Hope on the regional rail or metro or bus and then bike the rest of the way to your desitination. And get one of those super cool umbrellas while you're over there too!