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Any researcher will recognize this fear: your thesis, perfectly written and presenting rich data-rich, lying in some desk drawer and just waiting to be forgotten. Sounds familiar? Science has become a self-referential system, and papers remain unread or e
Amsterdam, Netherlands
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Study Abroad
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Developments in science and technology, such as biotechnology and artificial intelligence, have the potential to profoundly transform our lives. If you care about the social impact of your research, if you want to engage stakeholders and reflect on your own practice, then this is the course for you. This summer boot camp will help you become the best Responsible Researcher that you can possibly be.

What is Responsible Research and Innovation? In a nutshell, RRI describes a way of doing research that allows research outcomes to align with societal values. RRI was presented in Horizon 2020, the EU’s funding programme for research and innovation, immediately attracting widespread interest. RRI is based on four key dimensions: 1) inclusive deliberation, 2) openness & transparency, 3) anticipation & reflexivity, and 4) responsiveness and adaptive change.

The approach has profound implications for researchers. For example, if RRI promotes societal involvement very early in the research process, the researcher must define exactly what ‘very early’ means. If RRI emphasizes the vital role of reflective learning in research practice, the challenge for responsible researchers is to incorporate this aspect into their daily routine. If RRI promotes openness, the question for responsible researchers is how best to pursue transparency in their own context. 
Like any other boot camp, this course is short and intensive. The boot camp is:

•    Hands-on. This boot camp features active participation rather than a heavy focus on theory. Short lectures introduce theoretical concepts, followed by hands-on workshops, often focusing on your own research topics. Speakers include RRI experts from academia and professional practice.
•    Theory-based. Each day of the boot camp focuses on one of the key dimensions of RRI. We take examples from fields such as science & technology studies, science communication and innovation management. The workshops build a complete picture of RRI in practice.
•    Interdisciplinary. The course is open to students from all scientific backgrounds. Our source material is varied, incorporating your input and expertise. You will work in teams, creating a cross-disciplinary learning experience.
•    Creative. Teaching methods and materials are multifaceted and engaging.

This course is primarily students from of the natural and biomedical sciences, but students with from other backgrounds (social sciences, humanities, etc.) are also welcome.

Setting Description:
With over 180 unique nationalities, Amsterdam is a melting pot of cultures and embraces different cultures, religions, and lifestyles. 165 canals criss-cross the entire city, giving it its nickname ‘Venice of the North.’ The city also features more bikes than inhabitants! With a bustling creative industry, Amsterdam offers plenty of cultural activities and events throughout the year. In Amsterdam you can benefit from the advantages of a big city with enough quiet spots to kick back and relax.
1150 EUR. €1150 (excluding housing costs which are €400 - €500) Included in the tuition fee are: • Airport pick-up service • Orientation programme • Course excursions • On-site support • 24/7 emergency assistance • Transcript of records after completion of the course

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Scholarships Description:
The VU Amsterdam Summer School offers ten scholarships that cover the full tuition and housing fees of one course. Information about how to apply for the scholarship will be posted on the VU Amsterdam Summer School website.