So, you’re considering studying business in the United States. With a thriving, energetic culture and rigorous courses of study, jumping into a degree in business administration and management could be a fun and educational time in the U.S. of A. No matter if you find yourself among the amber waves of grain or the purple mountains majesties, earning your degree in the US may offer many unique business learning opportunities. Explore a diverse country full of revolutionary history, lush natural landscapes, and a lot of great food – oh right! And academics, too! Read on for information regarding Business Administration and Management in United States programs.

Why Study Business Administration and Management in United States?

The United States offer a variety of economies: due to a difference in climates, infrastructure, and development, regions may have drastically different business models.[i] Students may benefit from these diverse structures by interacting with professors and leaders that have experience with different levels of business, from larger corporations to smaller entrepreneurial ventures. Along with this, the United States’ position as a prominent business leader may grant students access to the vast world of international trade.[ii]

Location, Location, Location

With over 3,000 universities sprinkled throughout the 50 states, finding a program that fits your educational needs could be easy.[iii] The northeast region offers access to the bustle of big-city business, while many mid-west schools may offer unique chances to explore agricultural based companies. Of course, you might want to soak up some sun in California or head down south. Each region has a diverse range of businesses and unique characteristics, which may give you the chance to choose between a variety of business programs.

HOT TIP! Many regions in the United States boast a famous dish. Why not try a cheesesteak in Philadelphia, PA? Or maybe spam in Hawaii? Deep dish pizza in Chicago, IL, is also a delicious choice – if not a little messy! And of course apple pie - throughout America.

Historic Sites

Compared to many countries, America’s history takes place in the recent past. Many of the country’s historical sites are open to the public and provide a glimpse into the founding of the nation. The Independence Center, in Philadelphia, displays the United States Constitution as well the iconic Liberty Bell. Washington, D.C, hosts more than one national monument to check out: the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, and the White House to name a few![iv] Find yourself out west? The Alamo might be a great day trip!

Happy Holidays!

Many schools may close on federal holidays – a few of which are unique to the American culture.[v] Take advantage of the study break to partake in the local scene and celebrate! Turkey is the national dish for Thanksgiving, a holiday celebrating the Pilgrims’ first winter in the United States. President’s Day – also known as George Washington’s birthday – may offer a great opportunity to explore the multitude of national monuments. Independence Day, better known as the 4th of July, may require barbeque, good friends, and lots of fireworks.

Sports and More Sports

Sports are a big part of American culture. No matter where you study, people may constantly tell you what teams they support and why you should support them as well. The city you’re studying in might even have its own national sports team! Events like the Super Bowl, World Series, and the Stanley Cup are great reasons to get together with your new friends and root for the home team – accompanied by a lot of pizza and buffalo wings. Yum!

Find a United States Business Administration & Management Degree Program

The United States may offer a chance to delve into its diverse regions while undertaking a full business administration and management degree. You might choose a degree program that supports your own concentration – and enjoy the wide array of national pastimes simultaneously!  The U.S.A. offers a unique perspective for study abroad students, one that may forever influence your future studies, career, and photo albums. Start your search by browsing the listings below. For additional information or to contact the program directly, simply click “Learn More”. Good luck!