Whether you are a first time college student or someone who is interested in pursuing a higher-level degree, studying abroad in another country is a great way to broaden your horizons. Earning a full degree from one of the top universities in Russia is an excellent way for you to live and learn as a foreign student so you can gain a better understanding and appreciation for European culture. If you're considering the opportunity to earn your degree in Russia, read about some of your options and find programs throughout the country.

As an international student attending a university in Russia, you’ll have the opportunity to enhance your knowledge and skillset so you can venture off into a career path of your choosing that allows you to pursue your dreams. You’ll become fluent in another language and more independent and culturally aware. You’ll also enhance your communication skills, while gaining a competitive edge that may give you an advantage over other candidates in the global job market.

Earn Your Degree in Russia: Bachelor's

When making the decision to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Russia, it is important for you to consider the amount of opportunity that the situation presents. Ask yourself what your current and future education and career goals are. What do you hope to achieve by going abroad? Are you interested in learning things from a whole new culture and perspective? Although the United States is ripe with opportunity for individuals who have degrees, the opportunities for individuals who study abroad may be endless.

Holding an international bachelor’s degree may help to open the doors for many entry-level and some upper-level employment opportunities in a variety of fields. It may also provide you with a deeper understanding of the culture and the ability to view things from a different perspective that may enhance your communication, critical thinking, analytical and problem-solving skills.

Earn Your Degree in Russia: Master’s

In some career fields, simply holding an undergraduate degree may not be enough for you to follow your chosen career path. Some employment opportunities require candidates to have a master’s degree. Regardless of where you seek employment, holding a master’s degree that is earned in Russia may improve your marketability, credibility and attractiveness as a candidate for employment, as it is sign of diversity and dedication.

Depending on your current educational situation, earning a master’s degree in Russia may have a positive effect on your life. You could be fresh out of graduation, seeking to jump back into school so you can earn your master’s degree or you may have taken some years off after graduation to pursue other opportunities. Regardless of your situation, pursuing a higher-level degree in Russia could be the perfect opportunity for you. It may make you a more respectable, credible and well-rounded individual.

Types of Full Degree Programs in Russia

Universities in Russia must adhere to strict rules, regulations and mandates when providing education to international students. Receiving an international education in some of the most prestigious educational institutions in Russia might open up the doors to many local and global employment opportunities.

Areas you could focus to earn your degree in Russia include:

  • Change Management
  • Medicine
  • Government and International Affairs
  • Business Administration
  • Teaching

There are many majors and concentrations you can focus your studies on. You may also have the opportunity to customize your courses so you can earn a degree that better suits your needs and interests.

When considering a full degree program, you should consider your learning style, lifestyle and needs. Pursuing a degree abroad may require you to make many adjustments. Also, the cost of pursuing a degree in Russia is not cheap. For many individuals the cost of a earning a bachelor’s or master’s degree from Russia is worth the investment. While there may be financial aid available, you should contact your schools of interest to inquire about any financial assistance programs they may have. Use our resources section to gather more information so you can decide if this opportunity is right for you.