Nestled among natural beauty and bustling city life lies the rigorous coursework of pursuing a full degree in engineering in Canada. The True North offers a landscape not only rich in natural wonders to explore, but with unique academic possibilities set to challenge and advance students at each turn. Get ready for a great northern adventure full of good food, vast exploration, and coursework that could greatly influence your outlook on the world of engineering. Read on about Study Engineering in Canada programs below.

Why Study Engineering in Canada?

Canadian engineering degree programs offer a wide range of concentrations: electrical, computer, chemical and geological just to name a few. These degree programs intend to prepare students for an international engineering community, as well as for the Professional Engineer exam – a test that licenses new engineers for work in the Canadian provinces. Through these programs, students take part in coursework that directly relates to these examinations and could prepare them for a future career in Canada. If this is something you are interested in, an engineering program in Canada may be a perfect fit for you.

Engineering Marvels

Canada offers perfect visual aids for any engineering student – many engineering wonders are open to the public. Trek over to Toronto to check out the CN Tower, which once held the title of tallest building in the world. Or, you could drive over the Confederation Bridge spanning between Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick. The large bridge displays several feats of engineering ingenuity for those driving by. Grab some pictures while you’re there to use for questions back in class! Last, but certainly not least, the Olympic Stadium in Montreal is a unique piece of construction that was once visible on a global scale. You may want to see a concert or sporting match as a study break.

DID YOU KNOW? Canada was actually named by accident. Natives invited French explorer Jaques Cartier back to their “kanata” – or “village.” It was misheard as Canada and the name stuck!

Unique Sports

Sports are a big part of Canadian cultural, and there’s no part bigger than hockey. Be sure to ask your peers about the home team – you want to be able to cheer for the them! If hockey isn’t your style, why not catch a rugby match? The high action game might remind you of American football. Or, if you don’t want to leave the ice rink, you could catch a curling match. Curling is a sport where competitors slide large stones down an iced lane to score points, in case you didn’t know. Both men and women’s Olympic curling teams won gold medals in 2014, so these athletes are pretty impressive to see!

Hit the Slopes

Time to get out of the dorm room! With the Canadian countryside riddled with mountains, grabbing a pair of skies and hitting the slopes may seem like a no brainer. Ask your new friends where the locals like to ski for the nearby hotspots. Whether you’re staying at a resort or just going for the day, each province has its own particular brand of powder: Quebec, British Columbia, and Yukon are great places to venture out for a day in the snow.

Find an Engineering Degree Program in Canada

Canada may offer the chance to both explore natural wonders and cosmopolitan cities, and take an intense course load to pursue a degree in engineering. The country provides students with the ability to develop not only professionally but personally, growing as much as people as students. Enrolling in a full degree engineering program in Canada could give students the platform they need to join a larger engineering community. It may also remain a fond memory in photo albums for years to come. Start your search by browsing the listings below or click “Learn More” for additional information on specific Study Engineering in Canada programs.