Montreal, Canada
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Polytechnique is part of the campus of Universite de Montreal which boasts 50,000 students. Founded in 1873, Polytechnique Montreal is one of the largest teaching and research schools of engineering in Canada. Polytechnique Montreal is recognized as a world leader in research. It conducts nearly a quarter of all university research in engineering in Quebec. With some 70 research units and a faculty comprised of world-renowned experts, Polytechnique is one of Canada's leading research-intensive universities. Polytechnique has nearly 6,000 students, including 1,600 postgraduate students, more than 230 professors-researchers, and 28,000 alumni. Polytechnique has an annual operating budget of $80 millions and a research budget of $61 millions. Polytechnique is the birthplace of technological discoveries and innovations that lead each year to some 800 peer-reviewed scientific papers and numerous patent applications, and the creation of new companies. Polytechnique offers more than 100 programs: certificates, undergraduate and post-graduate studies. By choosing Polytechnique you will experience a French-speaking environment right here in North America while having the possibility of submitting your thesis or publishing your papers in English.