North York, Canada
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Full Degree
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The focus of this program is to foster world-class research and graduate education in computer engineering. Graduate study in computer systems engineering at York concentrates on the architecture, design and evaluation of large-scale hardware and software systems. Graduate study in interactive systems engineering concerns systems that interact intelligently with the user or the environment. Examples include mobile robotics, computer vision, natural-language speech recognition and synthesis and advanced interface design. Choose York: - The MASc degree is designed as a two-year degree that emphasizes research training. - The program of study combines intensive thesis research in the student’s chosen field with exposure to broader issues in Computer Engineering through project and coursework. The full-year research project course greatly enhances and broadens their skills and experience. - The program emphasises systems engineering aspects of Computer Engineering. Graduates will be well suited for interdisciplinary research in fields related to Computer Engineering. - The MASc is a highly desirable and prestigious advanced degree positioning graduates to become leaders in industrial or public-sector research and development. Graduates will be well-qualified for further study toward the PhD at York University or elsewhere. - The MASc degree has fields of specialization which are broad and interdisciplinary. These fields are areas of existing and emerging importance in Computer Science and Engineering, are areas of societal need, and are associated with well-funded and respected research clusters at York. - Toronto is a vibrant, multicultural city that is the centre of Canada's industrial and technological heartland. This provides opportunities for a range of intellectual and other pursuits and ample opportunities for collaboration and exposure to leading edge academic and industrial research and development. - Several of the core faculty are also members of York University’s Centre for Vision research, a world-class research institute studying biological and artificial vision systems.

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Minimum Admission Requirements GPA: B+ Language Proficiency TOEFL iBT: 88-91 IELTS Overall Band Score: 7 YELT Band: 4 Recommendations: 3 Other - GRE is strongly recommended - A one-page statement of purpose and previous experience required
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Refer to the international credentials information for your country.