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During my internship, I was able to develop professionally as well as personally. Adapting and succeeding in a new work environment in a foreign country is an amazing, and oftentimes humbling experience. Of course it's a great resume builder too; but I think it becomes much more than just a line item on your resume
If you’re serious about building your resume and really want to stand out in job interviews, interning abroad may be exactly what you’re looking for. Interning abroad takes studying abroad to another level. Not only are you living and studying in another country, but you are working there as well, which allows you to make multinational connects and have a truly organic experience. As an international intern, you will have the opportunity to learn how to communicate across cultural barriers and experience globalization first hand – all things you can showcase on your resume.

Still need more convincing? Well, have you considered the fact that interning can help offset the costs of traveling abroad? If financial reasons are holding you back from participating in a study abroad program, pursue a paid international internship, and it can help make that dream happen. Whether you’re looking to truly immerse yourself in a culture or looking to simply gain a more global perspective, an international internship can be a great choice.

Set yourself apart from the competition with an internship abroad that allows you to:

  • Build your portfolio and strengthen your credentials
  • Gain international business experience
  • Broaden your network of professional contacts
  • Learn a new language and experience a new culture
  • See the world!

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